The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers).The accelerator seeds around 75 enterprise-monetizing ventures/year.

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Here are the 19 Companies Presenting at Alchemist Accelerator Demo Day XXV Today 09.17.2020
Meet Ravi Belani, Managing Director at Alchemist Accelerator 06.01.2020
AI Interior Design and VR Training — Here’s What Else Plug and Play and Alchemist Saw at their Virtual Demo Days 05.22.2020
Here are the 15 Companies Presenting at Alchemist Accelerator’s First Fully Digital Demo Day 05.13.2020
B2B-focused Alchemist Accelerator Joins the Move to Virtual Demo Days 04.02.2020
Here are All 21 Companies from Alchemist Accelerator’s Latest Batch 01.24.2020
September Demo Day Report 2019 09.26.2019
May Demo Day Report 2019 06.04.2019
January Demo Day Report 2019 01.29.2019
Qatar Development Bank to Launch Fintech Accelerator Programme 12.05.2019
Here are the 22 Companies from Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day XXII 09.22.2019
Alchemist Accelerator is Launching A European Program 09.20.2019
US based Alchemist Accelerator Helped Us Get Investors says Redbird Health Tech Co-Founder 09.17.2019
Unveiling its Latest Cohort, Alchemist Announces $4 Million in Funding for its Enterprise Accelerator 05.16.2019
Tech Industry Confronts A Backlash Against ‘Disruptive Innovation’ 01.28.2019
Meet the Startups in Alchemist’s 20th Cohort 01.23.2019
Juniper Gives an Additional $1.5M to Enterprise Startup Accelerator Alchemist 01.23.2019
Juniper Networks Invests $2.5M in Enterprise Tech Accelerator Alchemist 01.22.2019
Meet the Startups in the Latest Alchemist Class 09.20.2018
Meet Alchemist Accelerator’s Latest Demo Day Cohort 05.17.2018
Meet Top Startups from Alchemist Class 17 01.19.2018
Boot Camp Transforms Ideas Into Tech Startups 01.17.2018
Counting Decacorns? Look To Beijing 10.09.2017
The Bay Area Has 10 of Top U.S. Startup Accelerators — Here’s How They Stack Up 06.14.17
The Best Startup Accelerators of 2017 06.07.17
Our Favorite Startups from Alchemist Accelerator Batch 15 05.23.17
GE Invests $2 million in Alchemist Accelerator to Back Industrial IoT Startups 03.29.17
Cisco Gives $1 Million More to Enterprise Startup Accelerator Alchemist 03.03.17
Meet Alchemist’s Class XIV Startups Making Everything from Smart Beer Taps to a Faster Internet 01.19.17
Alchemist Accelerator Closes $2.5 Million to Back Enterprise Tech Startups 01.17.17
Rocketspace and Alchemist Accelerator Partner Up to Go International 09.29.16
Surprise Accelerator Tops Study of Where Best-Funded Startups Come From 07.06.16
USA & Canada Accelerator Report 2015
Watch Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day Right Here 05.20.16
PARC Partners with Alchemist Accelerator to Encourage and Support Startup Innovation 05.10.16
Alchemist Accelerator: Why There’s Still Lots of Room for Disruptive Martech (Webinar) 03.21.16
Your Favorite Accelerator Programs, Ranked 03.11.16
‘Enterprise Is Sexy’: Why Alchemist Thinks It Can Be the Y Combinator for Boring Startups 01.26.16
Rev Up The Engines! Accelerators Set Start-Ups On Fast Track 09.02.15
These Are The Top 20 US Accelerators 03.17.15
The Top 20 Startup Accelerators in the U.S. 03.31.15
The Latest Workplace Collaboration Tools Are All About Putting Enterprise Data Into Context 01.27.15
Enterprise Incubator Alchemist Lands $2.1M From Impressive Backers 01.20.15
Ten B2B, Internet-of-Things Startups Pitch at Alchemist Demo Day 09.26.14
Alchemist Accelerator Launches Batch VII 09.26.14
Accelerating the Internet of Everything 05.05.14
Alchemist Startups Accelerate Internet of Things, with Help from Cisco 05.01.14
Alchemist Accelerator, Cisco Team Up to Nurture Internet of Things Startups 04.30.14
The Fascinating 50 – Ravi Belani, Managing Director, Alchemist Accelerator 03.11.14
Yes, Virginia, There are Startups Focusing on Enterprise Applications 01.27.14
‘Enterprise is Where the Money Is’: Why Salesforce Backs Alchemist Accelerator 01.17.14
Meet the 2013 Enterprise Superstars 12.23.13
Alchemist Accelerator’s Fourth Class Practices a Different Brand of Startup Alchemy 09.05.13
Alchemist Accelerator’s Second Class Highlights Enterprise Startups in Flight Data Tech, Learning Management and More 03.27.13
Alchemist Accelerator Graduates Its First Class 01.18.13
Alchemist Accelerator Shows Off as Enterprise Investment Picks Up 01.18.13
Enterprise Accelerator, Alchemist, Bags Giant Backer, SAP Ventures; Adds Yammer CTO to Faculty 11.07.12
Enterprise Startup Accelerator Gets Funding Boost from Cisco 09.06.12
Stanford Instructor to Launch Accelerator for Enterprise Startups 05.08.12
2020 NASA iTech Cycle II Winners Announced 10.16.2020
Czech Startup Yieldigo Closes 2 Million Euro Investment with J&T Ventures, Alchemist Accelerator and PortfoLion, Member of the OTP Banking Group 10.13.2020 Sweeps as Leader in G2’s Account-Based Advertising Category 10.06.2020
New App Can Scan A Person in 3D 09.09.2020
B2B Marketing Company Raises $6.5M 09.10.2020
California Startup Aims to Tackle Battery Degradation 08.31.2020
Veda Labs Featured in Forbes India’s Innovation-Led Startups 09.07.2020
A Look At The ‘Colors’ Of Hydrogen That Could Power Our Future 08.31.2020
Hopyard Road Start-Up Announces Potentially Unlimited Clean Energy 08.25.2020
NDB, Inc. Announces Major Technological Laboratory Breakthrough for the First Universal, Self-Charging Nano Diamond Battery; First Beta Customers 08.25.2020
Mizzou-Fouunded Startup Stratodyne Snags Spot in Silicon Valley Accelerator, Eyes Future Relocation to St. Louis 08.25.20
We Got an Exclusive Look at the Pitch Deck Pen Test Startup Cobalt Used to Raise $29 Million from Highland Europe 08.20.2020
Cobalt Raises $29 Million to Bring its ‘Pentest As A Service’ Platform to More Software Teams 08.20.2020 Grabs $29M Series B to Continue Building Out Pentesting Platform 08.20.2020
California Startup Aims to Tackle Battery Degradation in Electric Cars 08.13.2020
Jirav Secures More Than $8 Million in Series A Funding Led by Information Venture Partners 07.21.2020
Rigetti Raises $79M Series C For Its Quantum Computing Platform 08.05.2020
DHS S&T Innovation Programs Share Partnership With Oakland-Based Start-Up 08.06.2020
Harness Makes First Acquisition, Snagging Open-Source CI Company 08.05.2020
StartX Med Alliance of Remote and Telehealth (SMART) Companies Respond to Massive Shift in Patient Care Delivery During COVID-19 Crisis 07.28.2020
Delightree Raises $3M to Help Franchise Business Owners Simplify their Operations 08.01.2020
Data Governance and Security Leader Privacera Secures $13.5 Million in Series A Funding 07.15.2020
Local AI Marketing Innovator Closes Seed Round 06.05.2020
RenovAI Helps Retailers Offer Automated Interior Design Advice to their Customers 05.13.2020
Groove Raises $12 Million to Automate Sales Engagement 05.07.2020
Capital One Is Backing This Startup That Just Raised $12 Million To Help Salespeople Close Deals Remotely 05.07.2020
4me EMA Vendor to Watch 04.09.2020
Marketing Startup RankMyAPP Ranks Well with KPTL, Raises Investment 04.14.2020
The 2020 30 Under 30: Manufacturing & Industry – Amper Technologies founders Akshat Thirani, Philip House and Sachin Lal 12.03.2019
Mobiz, SA’s Mailchamp for SMS Marketing Nets First $1m in a $2m Round 03.31.2020
Arkose Labs Raises $22 Million to Automatically Detect Online Fraud 03.24.2020 Pentesting Service Brings Wizard-Like Setup to Platform 03.05.2020
Logistics Startup ClearMetal Raises Capital to Help Companies Keep Up With Amazon 02.04.2020
Mountain View Startup Looks to the Cloud to Improve VR and AR Experiences 06.18.2018
LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh Explains Why Her Company Raised Another $54M 01.19.2020
My90 in the News 12.31.2019
New San Jose Police Auditor Website Allows Anonymous Complaints Online 12.19.2019
San Jose Residents Can Now Text Anonymous Complaints About Police 12.18.2019
San Jose Police Auditor Revamps Online Presence to Engage Residents 12.16.2019
An Interview with Paola Santana, Social Glass Founder and CEO: ‘We’re Using Technology to Create a Software Ecosystem that Simplifies Governments’ Processes to Support them in Operating more Efficiently, Transparently, and Responsively’ 12.23.2019
STEM Teacher Shortage in the US! Silicon Valley Engineers Bring Innovative Solutions 07.24.2019
You Can Use the App without Wifi and Internet! A 10-minute Dry Cleaning Machine is Here. What are Silicon Valley Startups Doing? 09.28.2019
2019 Edge-to-Cloud IIoT Enablement Platform Best Practices Research 12.12.2019
The 2020 30 Under 30: Energy – Acoustic Wells founders Eric Zhang, Charles-Henri Clerget, and Louis Creteur 12.03.2019
GridRaster Builds a Cloud-based Platform to Scale Enterprise Mixed Reality Applications 10.03.2019
The 2020 30 Under 30: Education – Sabih Bin Wasi & Rukhsar Neyaz 12.03.2019
The 2020 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising – Sameen Karim & Akash Malhotra 12.03.2019
The 2020 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising – Cristina De La Peña 12.03.2019
Amazon Joins Tech’s Great Quantum Computing Race 12.02.2019
Cielo Invests in Sourcing Platform Visage to Find and Engage Global Talent More Quickly 11.25.2019
CNBC Upstart 100 – Arkose Labs 11.12.2019 the Drag-and-Drop, Low-Code Platform Poised to Disrupt AI 11.25.2019
Invitae to Acquire Clear Genetics for $50M, Adding Chatbots for Genetic Counseling 11.11.2019
WIRED25: Stories of People Who Are Racing to Save Us 10.15.2019
Slack Fund, Haystack and CRV Invest $4 Million in Parabol, the Meta-Meeting Software Toolkit 11.05.2019
Efficient Mission-Centric Computing Consortium Demonstrates nCorium Performance Speed Up 10.30.2019
SunSpec Alliance forms Blockchain Work Group to Advance System Security 10.23.2019
Stellic Raises $3.1 Million to Help Students Navigate Course Scheduling 10.16.2019
Autify Raises $2.5M Seed Round for its No-Code Software Testing Platform 10.17.2019
September to Remember as RELAYTO gets 5 Recognitions and Joins Wharton Accelerator in SF 10.02.2019
Autify, Provider of AI-Powered, Zero-Code, Software Testing Automation Platform, Announces $2.5 Million Seed Round 10.01.2019
Flowcast Raises USD 3 million in Series A Funding to Unlock Credit Decisioning at Scale 09.24.2019
“LEAD” Aiming to Improve Employee Experience Using AI Graduated from Alchemist, Full-Scale Deployment in Japan 09.24.2019
ECB Considers Stablecoin Threats to Public Policy Priorities 09.17.2019
FarmWise and its Weed-Pulling Agribot Harvest $14.5M in Funding 09.18.2019
Congratulations to Yaydoo, the Winners of our #SaaStockWestCoast Pitch Competition!! 09.13.2019
Litmus Automation Secures $7 Million Series A Financing From Mitsubishi Corporation 09.04.2019
This Harvard Startup Wants to Pay You to Quit Smoking 08.15.2019
Bringing Humanity Back to the Gig Economy 08.03.19
Software Provider Prodigy Looks To Expand, Working To Ease Online Shoppers From Clicks to Bricks 05.31.2019
Square Acquires Conversational AI Startup Eloquent Labs 05.07.2019
Coveo Acquires Tooso to Expand Its AI-powered Digital Commerce Technology 07.09.2019
Tampa Tech Firm Brings New ‘Waiter’ to Green Bench Brewing, Baum Avenue Market 06.25.2019
Text IQ Raises $12.6 Million for AI-powered Sensitive Information Detection 06.18.2019 Raises $5M in Series A Funding to Fuel Growth of the Cybersecurity Industry’s First Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) Platform 06.11.2019
Software Provider Prodigy Looks To Expand, Working To Ease Online Shoppers From Clicks to Bricks 05.31.2019
Acoustic Wells wins 2019 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition 05.16.2019
Retail Zipline Gets $9.6 Million in Funding — With Help From Serena Williams 05.16.2019
Replex Gets $2.45M Seed Round to Help Track Cloud Native Spend 05.16.2019
Daher Teams Up with Authenticiti to Create an Open Blockchain Solution for the Aerospace Supply Chain 04.09.2019
Delivery Startup Dumpling Poaches Rivals’ Veteran Employees 03.29.2019
Ghanaian Startup mPharma is Buying Kenya’s Second-Largest Pharmacy Chain 03.28.2019
FarmWise Turns to Roush to Build Autonomous Vegetable Weeders 03.27.2019
LaunchDarkly Raises $44 Million to Help Software Developers Test New Features 03.13.2019
If You Want To Be Awesome At Emails, Add These 10 Plugins To Your Gmail Today 02.11.2019
Santa Cruz Startup Offers an Alternative to Plastic, Fresh from the Sea 02.04.2019
Sophos Acquires Avid Secure to Expand Protection for Public Cloud Environments 01.08.2019
Moesif Raises $3.5M Seed Round to Provide Insight into API Usage 01.04.2019
S4’s Acquisition of MightyHive is Official 12.04.2018
Meet Shuttle, the Company that’s Building a Booking Agent for Spaceflight 10.26.2018
Enabling The Digital Makeover 10.15.2018
GoodTime Raises $5 Million to Bring Artificial Intelligence into the Interview Process 10.03.2018
How Smart Brain Aging Hopes to Hold Off Dementia with Brain Training Games 09.22.2018
This Startup Wants to Make Drugs Cheaper with “Behavior-Based” Pricing 08.30.2018
4 Tips For Scaling To A Global Enterprise 08.14.2018
Evolute Debuts Enterprise Container Migration and Management Platform 08.07.2018
How Byte Foods Is Revolutionizing Retail One Office At A Time 07.29.2018
Workday Buys Analytics Startup Stories 07.17.2018
Gray Matters Capital fund Redbird Health Tech 07.14.2018
Matternet Raises $16 Million for Autonomous Urban Drones 06.26.2018
Redwood City Startup Brings Artificial Intelligence to the Business of Freight 06.18.2018
ClearMetal Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner 05.31.2018
Roxy Grabs $2.2 Million Seed Investment to Build Alexa-like Voice Devices Customized for Business 11.15.2017
Rockerbox Acquires Calendar Marketing Startup Eventable 04.25.2018
DeferPanic Secures $1.5 M Seed Round to Popularize Unikernel Concept 04.16.2018
Palo Alto Startup Gets Access to IBM’s Powerful Quantum Computer 04.06.2018
Startup Of The Week: Swipes 03.13.2018
Series A – #10 – John Dogru – CEO/Co-Founder – 3DPrinterOS 03.12.2018
Automated Sales Development Leader OutboundWorks Acquires Hyper-Personalization Platform 02.26.2018
A New Unconventional Co-Working Space is Undercutting WeWork’s Membership Fees by 80% 02.22.2018
Outsourcing Management Startup 4me Announces $1.65 Million Seed Investment Led by Storm Ventures 02.21.2018
iTOi and Troxell Bring Machine Learning Assisted Video Solutions to Schools 02.06.2018
RageOn! CEO Mike Krilivsky on Custom Printing and Changing the Intellectual Property Landscape 02.01.2018
Prodigy Raises $5.4M to Unify the In-Store and Online Car-Buying Experience 02.01.2018
Doxel Uses Robots and AI to Keep Big Construction Projects on Track 01.23.2018
FarmWise Raises $5.7m Seed Round for Vegetable Weeding Robot 12.19.2017
3TEN8 Launches First Artificial Intelligence to Automate Network Operations 12.14.2017
Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire 12.07.2017
This Start-Up Helps Companies Avoid a User Revolt when they Launch New Features 12.04.2017
OutMatch Acquires Pomello to Strengthen Predictive Solutions for Culture Fit and Employee Engagement 12.02.2017
San Jose Startup Builds a Lifeline for Customer Service Agents Out in the Field 10.09.2017
ClearMetal Gets $9M From Prelude Ventures And Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors For Its Logistics Platform 09.20.2017
GoodTime Nabs $2M to Match Job Applicants with Interviewers to Save Time and Build Rapport 08.21.17
Sempre Health Launches Behavior-based Healthcare Pricing Platform for Patients 07.17.17
This Startup Can Detect Intrusion & Make a Video Searchable 07.13.17
Pole Organizes the World of Freelancers 06.30.17
Shortlist Continues its Market Entry in the Enterprise Freelancer and Services Platform Space 06.13.17
Edyza Has a Way to Tap the Wisdom of a Crowded IoT Space 06.12.17
Shortlist Raises $1.5M to Help Businesses Manage their Freelancers 06.06.17
How Jesse Leimgruber Created a Successful Business — as a Student 05.08.17
Rigetti Computing Raises $64 Million in Series A and B Funding, Led by Andreessen Horowitz and Vy Capital 03.28.17
With $3.6M in Fresh Funding, YotaScale Optimizes Cloud Computing for Enterprises 02.16.17
How AI Startup Text IQ Got Profitable By Shaving Millions Off Customers’ Legal Costs 02.01.2017
“We Got Funded!” Dubai-Based HR Tech Startup Visage Raises Angel Investment 01.11.17
With a $1.5M Seed Round, Eloquent Labs Mixes AI and Mechanical Turk to Fix Customer Service 01.19.17
Security Startup CryptoMove Fragments Data and Moves it Around to Keep it Secure 01.19.17
Timekit Wants to Make It Easy to Build Your Own Online Booking System 01.17.17
Byte Foods Raises $5.5 Million for Smart Vending Machines that Serve Local Fare 12.28.16
LaunchDarkly Gets $8.7M to Get Access to the Right Features in Front of Right Users 12.20.16
GE Acquires Wise.Io to Deepen Its Machine Learning Stack 11.15.16
nanoPay Announces $10 Million in Series A Funding 10.26.16
Latina-led Silicon Valley Tech Company Raises $2M 10.20.16
Announcing the Winners of the Innovation Challenge in Africa 09.30.16
Watch Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day Right Here 09.29.16
Workflow Software Startup Scoro Raises $1.9 Million Seed Round 08.23.16
Scoro Emerges With $1.9M to Organize Work 08.23.16
DeferPanic Announces Industry’s First Managed Unikernel Platform 06.10.16
8 Most Ambitious Startups From Lithuania 05.30.16
YotaScale Emerges to Tackle Cloud Computing Complexity 05.24.16
Metadata raises $2M to help advertisers target users who resemble their existing sales leads 05.20.16
Gamifying Healthcare to Reduce Costs Sempre Health Launches from the Alchemist Accelerator 05.20.16
Appdirect Makes Cross-Cloud Search Vendor Xendo Its Sixth Acquisition 03.24.16
MoEngage Launches NATIV to Help App Marketers Bypass Engineering and Boost Engagement 03.16.16
Cisco Buys Synata to Boost Collaboration Search Tools 03.08.16
Here’s the Fastest Way to Get Packages to Your Front Door (No, It’s Not Drones) 02.24.16
BrightFunnel Raises $6M To Connect Marketing And Revenue 12.02.15
Antimatter Rockets Could Make Humans An ‘Interstellar Species’ 10.16.15
MoEngage Raises $4.25M Series A To Grow In The U.S. 09.14.15
Search Startup Qbox Raises $2.4M To Develop A Front End For Non-Technical Users 08.28.15
LaunchDarkly, A StartUp That Helps Companies Soft-Launch Features, Raises $2.6M 06.04.15
That Smart Gadget You’ve Always Wanted, But Nodoby’s Selling? Make It Yourself With Nascent Objects 05.28.15
Palo Alto Networks Acquires Cybersecurity Company CirroSecure 05.27.15
Zuora Buys Customer Analytics Provider Frontleaf, Unveils Z-Insights 05.20.15
How Waygum Built An End-to-End Mobile Platform For Industrial IoT 04.28.15
Spanning Continents, PlayVox Picks Up $1.5M to Gamify Call Centers 03.30.15
Waygum Raises $1.5M to Mobilize The Industrial Internet of Things 03.27.15
The Promises and Perils of Synthetic Biology 03.11.15
Why I’m In An Accelerator — The Inside Story 01.22.15
Creative Defense: Crowdsource Your Hackers 12.16.14
Interview With Jacob Hansen, Cofounder Of Crowdcurity, A Bitcoin Application Security Provider 12.12.14
Learn Immersive Teaches Languages in Virtual Reality 12.09.14
Meet The Startup That’s Using Drones To Change The World 11.08.14
Cisco Announces Winners of IoT Innovation and Security Grand Challenges 10.15.14
BrightFunnel Raises $2.5M For Its Marketing Prediction Software 10.09.14 Raises $1.25M for Mobile ‘Virtual Nurse’ Service 09.22.14
Xendo Introduces Search Across Cloud Services At Disrupt SF 09.10.14
Student-run Startup Lands $1.5M to Help Advertisers Find Bloggers Who’ll Promote Them 08.27.14
Cisco Announces Acquisition of Assemblage 06.27.14
Cisco Buying Collaboration App Provider Assemblage for Internet-of-Everything 06.27.14
Cisco Buys Assemblage to Keep Pushing Modern Collaboration 06.27.14
Cisco Buys Browser-Based Collaboration Vendor Assemblage 06.27.14
Dropbox Buys MobileSpan, a Ticket to Enterprise Security 06.10.14
Dropbox For Business Acquires MobileSpan To Make Bring-Your-Own-Device More Secure 06.10.14
Mobile Shopping Solution Streamlines Sales for Event Crowds 05.12.14
ShoppinPal Engages Consumers On Social And Location-Based Apps 05.12.14
Oomnitza swoops into big IT shops & tracks all their gear 05.01.14
Drone Dream: This Startup Plans to Bring Cheap Drone-Based Shipping to Developing World 05.01.14
Mixed Dimensions Raises ~$1M To Make 3D-Design Tools For The Masses 04.15.14
Mixed Dimensions Emerges With Funding And Dreams Of Easier 3-D Printing 04.15.14 Raises $2.5M for Machine Learning, Simplified 03.17.14
Star Scientists Behind Get Series A to Solve Your Customer Mysteries 03.17.14
Inspired by Astrophysics, Machine Learning Startup Raises $2.5M 03.17.14 Grabs $2.5M to Bring Machine Learning for the Cosmos Right to Your Business 03.17.14
Big Data Picks Up the Pace 03.05.14
Interface Languages and Features Discovery 03.05.14
Startup Spotlight: Helps Publishers Automate Digital Ad Campaign Fulfillment 02.21.14
With this Acquisition, Otoy Wants to Bring Even the Biggest Software into the Cloud 02.20.14
Instant Messaging Is Going Corporate 02.17.14
Box Acquires Cloud Management Startup Airpost 02.20.15’s Shift Hints at the Future of Sending Software to Clouds 02.07.14 Lightweight IM Bridging Enterprise and Customers 01.27.14
Startup Frontleaf Aims to Keep People Using Your Software 01.23.14
Ditch the Car, Virtual Nurse Makes Home Visits 01.22.14

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