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Class X – Sept 2015

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Data Science to Solve The Most Complex Problems in Shipping & Logistics


- Adam Compain (Stanford MBA; ex-Google) - Will Harvey (Stanford MS&E, Stanford CS) - Diego Canales (Stanford MS&E, Stanford CS)

CLEER Networks

Enables The Delivery Of Highly Interactive Digital Media And Applications From the Cloud — Cloud-Delivered Streaming Games, Augmented And Virtual Reality, Interactive IPTV, Virtual Desktops, and So On. The Current “”””Best-Effort”””” Internet Fails Miserably, Especially During Peak Hours. Our Approach is Extremely Compelling, For It Delivers Extremely High-Performance Networking and Awesome User Experiences While Slashing Infrastructure Costs at the Same Time.


- Madhu Sharma - IIT Bombay, UIUC, MIT; Chips and Systems Architect, XBOX Advanced Projects; Leading Architect for Supercomputer-class systems, Networking and Data Center gear; 20+ patents - Raj Yavatkar - IIT Bombay, Purdue; Noted architect, tough leader, and product builder in Internet, Cloud and DC Infrastructure, Virtualization, and other spaces. Intel, VMWare Fellow. 30+ patents, 60+ papers


C2B Data Marketplace That Allows Companies To Source Any Personal Online Data Possible Based Upon Expressive Personal Consumer Consent.


- Serafin Lion Engel (RSA Fellow, 3x Founder, DU Scholar) - Jeff Lee (Hackathon Veteran, e.g. Dreamforce 5th place, TopCoder 2nd Place, TechCrunch Disrupt 1st Place)


Easy-To-Use Collaboration Tool For Mid-Market Companies For Running RFPs And Managing Supplier Interactions. We Have A Strong Procurement Background With 30+ Years Of Experience.


- Erkki Brakmann (CEO, MBA in Telecommunications from TallinnTech, 7 years in Procurement) - Rain Opik (CTO, Ph.D from TallinnTech in computer science, built ERP and Business Analytics) - Andres Kuuse (Head of Marketing, MBA in Mathematics, 4 years in Procurement)

Inactive, 2018

Lean QbD

Saas For Pharmaceutical/Biotech Scientists To Accelerate Drug Development-To-Submission.


- Sun Kim (Stanford; Bayer, Abbott, Siemens) - Bobby McDonald (CTA)

Acquired by eBest IOT Inc., 2019


Builds Embedded Visual Intelligence Systems For Object Identification And Anamoly Detection In Dynamic Environments Currently Deployed In The Industrial Automation And Retail Spaces.


- Pradeep V Pydah (MS, USC Los Angeles; TI, Intel, Cypress Semi) - Mukunda Haveri (BS, 20+ yrs exp in Communications and Signal Processing; Centillium) - Suryaprakash Kompali (Ph.D, New York State; Microsoft, HP Labs)


Pharmaceutical Data Analytics And Digital Marketing Provider For Emerging Markets Starting In Africa.


- Gregory Rockson (PPIA Fellow, Princeton University) - James Finucane (BS Math, CS) - Daniel Shoukimas (BS CS and Visual Design)


Your Own App Marketplace In Minutes. The Only Turnkey Solution That Allows Companies To Create Their Own App Marketplace For Partners And Developers, Providing A 10x Reduction In Total Cost Of Ownership And 90% Decrease In Time To Market.


- Brian Amaro (CitiBank, Alpha Exchange (Acq. $180M)) - Michael Kovacs (Raymond James, Universal Music)

Positron Dynamics

Putting Antimatter To Work.


- Bala Ramamurthy (SpaceX, NASA) - Dr. Ryan Weed (Australian National University, Trained Air Force pilot, Columbia University) - Dr. Josh Machacek (Expert Experimental Physicist, Australian National University, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, JPL)

Rigetti Quantum Computing

General-Purpose, Commercial Quantum Supercomputing Systems.


- Chad Rigetti (Yale, PhD; IBM)


Scheduling Infrastructure Built For Developers. An API That Developers Can Use To Build Products With Calendars, Scheduling, And Appointment Flows Deeply Integrated.


- Jesper Klingenberg (M.Sc. Econ & Business Adm, Copenhagen Business School) - Visti Kløft (M.Sc. Software Engineering, IT University of Copenhagen)


Turns Customer Feedback Into Revenue By Distilling User-Specific Insights For Better Decision Making.


- Andres Vergara (CEO; Stanford GSB, MS Engineering) - Juan Jose Besa (CTO; MS Engineering) - Alejandro Feuereisen (COO; BA Business)

Zycada Networks

SDN/SAAS Player Taking A Fundamentally Different Approach To Solving Mobile Network Unreliabilty Caused By Factors Such As Network Congestion, Data Packet Loss, Etc.


- Subbu Varadarajan (MS CS, SIE; Stanford GSB) - Sameer Rao (Trilogy Software, GE, and American Express) - Roy Antonyraj (IIT graduate, built large-scales systems managing petabytes of data)