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Class XXV – Sept 2020

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Anda Technologies

Don’t Feel the Distance Between You and Your Children or Parents During the Day with Fully Configurable Mobile Calling & Messaging System, U.S. Patented Symbol Language, GPS Tracking Function, Fitness & Health Apps


- Jose Delmar (Columbia University (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar));
- Michael Barclay (PUCP [Peru's top university] Industrial Engineering, Co-Founder, LEAP Game Studios)

Intelligent Chat Nurturing. We Help Businesses Convert More Customers through Immediate Responses


- Rebecca Clyde (MBA; Intel);
- Chris Maeda (MIT, Carnegie Mellon, BS / MS / PhD in Comp Sci; CTO / Co-Founder RUBRIC ($366m exit));
- Anu Shukla (MBA; Co-Founder RUBRIC, Tapjoy, RewardsPay)


Dynamic Incident Readiness and Response Platform for Privacy Teams


- Andy Lunsford (JD/MBA Wharton);
- Matt Hartley (Former SVP Eng FireEye [NASDAQ: FEYE]; Former VP Product iSIGHT $275M Exit; BS MS Comp Eng)


Simplifying Vehicle Inspections and Damage Assessment Using Computer Vision


- Venkat Sreeram (IIT Madras Mech Engineer, Tesla, Jaguar);
- Sharath Murthy (BS Comp Sci, Infosys)


Real-Time Coach for Sales Reps. We Give Voice-Activated Cue Cards in Real-Time while a Sales Rep is on a Phone or Video Call with a Prospective Customer


- Andy Zhou (Princeton BS Computer Science; Google ML Engineer 3 yrs);
- Rohan Sampath (Stanford MS Computer Science, focus on NLP; McKinsey & Company);
- Chris Naco (Johns Hopkins BS Mech Eng, Macquarie Group)

Evolution Devices

Offers Personalized Electrical Stimulation Therapy to Rehabilitate Walking


- Pierluigi Mantovani (UCSF Neuroengineer);
- Juan Rodriguez (EECS Berkeley, Maxim Integrated);
- Dr. Andrew Ekelem (Phd Vanderbilt, Bioengineering)


Building the Virtual Neurologist


- Mark K. Borsody (Emory PhD Neuroscience, MD, Northwestern Neurology Residency, Serial Medical Device Entrepreneur);
- Grace Montenegro (MS Comp Science);
- Renata Barreto (UC Berkeley JD / PhD, Facebook, Twitter)


Big Data Platform for Public Transit, Contextualizing Terabytes of Performance Data to Help Agencies Improve Service


- Cole Calhoun (BS Comp Sci / Finance; Salesforce);
- Stephen Coyner (University of Washington, Interaction Design BDES; Salesforce, Amazon);
- Daniel Radding (UC Berkeley, CS; PocketSuite, Ripple)

HR Messenger

Streamline Hiring – We Capture your Candidates Everywhere, our Friendly AI Does the Talking and Reducing your Hiring Costs by 70%


- Ruslan Abdulganiyev (Cornell University;;
- Almat Arykbayev (BS Computer Science;

Hubly Surgical

A Medical Device Company Focused on Modernizing Bedside Neurosurgery


- Casey Grage (Northwestern BA Neuroscience, SW Eng at JP Morgan, Scholar at Northwestern Kozorovitsky Lab);
- Dr. Amit Ayer (Wake Forest MD, Northwestern Kellogg MBA, Chief Neurosurgery Resident, Neurosurgery Fellow at Stanford Health);
- Tyler Panian (MS Mech Eng, Former Director of R&D Endotronix, >20 Patents)


Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell System with Game-Changing Energy Performance for Air Transport


- Alex Ivanenko (PhD Electrochemistry, MBA; Sales Director, 3M, Owens Corning);
- Sergey Shubenkov (MS Physics; a member of Ginzbur Group [Nobel Prized in Physics];
- Brian C. Benicewicz (Distinguished Professor at USC, inventor of HTPEM)


An Industry-Leading Mobile Marketing Cloud that Connects Retailers with their Customers Remotely


- Greg Chen (University of Cape Town [South Africa's top university]; BS MS EE; MBA);
- Clark Lin (University of Cape Town, BS Comp Sci, BS EE);
- Keelan Naidoo (Rhodes BS Comp Sci, Duke MBA);
- Founders have worked together since 2005 before founding Mobiz

NDB (Nano Diamond Battery)

Clean-Tech Startup Creating an Innovative Green Battery Made by CDPME1 Process Using Nanotechnology that Lasts a Single User’s Lifetime and can be Applied in Most Battery-Operated Industries


- Nima Golsharifi (ORB Group, London Centre for Nanotechnology, PhD EE);
- Suguru F. Amakubo (ORB Group, Panaomics, PhD EE);
- Sheikh Mohammed Irfan (MIT Sys Eng)

Node App

Mobile App/Marketplace that Streamlines Influencer Marketing and Automates PR Duties for DTC Brands


- PK Rawal (UWaterloo BS Comp Eng, SW Engineering at Hootsuite, Amazon);
- Mackenzie Derival (UWaterloo BS Digital Arts, Former UX Designer at Google);
- Armin Faraji (Former E-Commerce Manager at Multiple DTC Brands that Grew to $10 Million in Annual Revenue)


Automating Privacy with Secure Redaction. Rectify Offers an Automated, Secure Redaction Platform Organizations Can Use when Sharing Data Outside of their Organization


- Entire founding team worked together in SBC Communications (AT&T)'s Corporate Legal Department
- Lisa McComb (Former AT&T Associate Director-Regulatory);
- Melissa Unsell-Smith (UTSA, BS Biology; AT&T)

RubiLabs Inc

Technology Platform that Brings Essential Medical Products Directly from Manufacturers to the Doorstep of Hospitals and Pharmacies Across Africa


- Michael Iyanro (Ahmadu Bello University [Nigeria's top university] MD; MBA);
- Gideon Olanrewaju (University of Sussex MSc);
- Uche Obioha (BS Software Eng)

The CARTA for Intellectual Property. We Help Founders Build & Manage IP While Saving Tens of Thousands on Legal Fees


- Alex Polyansky (BS Chem Eng, UC Berkeley Haas MBA; Patent Examiner at USPTO 10 years);
- Angela Lau (UC Berkeley Haas, MBA; USC MS Comp Sci; Developer at Oracle, Product at Apple);
- Cathy Lippert (Dir of Prod Mgmt, BEA, Oracle; Inventor of World's First Clip Art Library; Led World's Largest Load Test-As-A-Service Over The Internet)


Sales and Marketing Virtual Events for B2B Companies


- Tommaso Trionfi (INSEAD, MBA; Monsoon, Merchantry, Wimba);
- Stephane Paquet (Telecom ParisTech, MD in CS; Watee, Airbus Multicoms);
- Bob Stillerman (Columbia Engineering BSEE, UC Berkeley, MS Computer Science, INSEAD MBA, RS International, Harris)


Developer Focused Unified Workspace Providing a Prioritized Feed of Conversations Across their Engineering Tools and Advocating for the Happier Life your Team Deserves


- Emna Ghariani (MS Operations; Former Global Director of the Founder Institute);
- Ramzi Maalej (BS MS Comp Sci and EE; Founding Member of OpenAPI; SW Engineer at Morgan Stanley, Bell)