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Class XX – Jan 2019

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A Significantly Disruptive Venture For those that Like Technical Product Ventures. This Team is Building the World’s Most Powerful Drone, Focusing Initially on Automated Agtech Pesticide Spraying.


- Elviss Straupenieks (MIT MOOC in Manufacturing) - Matiss Ansviesulis ($60m ARR Fin-Tech Company) - Ivars Ostapenko (Engineer, Worked on the Fastest Electric Racing Car) - Kaspars Škerba (Engineer, 10 Years of Experience in Robotics) - Tomass Pētersons (Engineer, 1st Place in World In FIA Drone Racing)


Simply Automate Software Testing by AI


- Ryo Chikazawa (3 Times Founder, the Last One was Acquired by JASDAQ Listed Company) - Sota (Sam) Yamashita (Contributor, Node.js)


Talk to 1000s of People at Once


- Jess Lee (Serial Entrepreneur, Community Organizer, Physics @ Bryn Mawr College) - Omid Ahourai (Serial Entrepreneur, @Constant Contact @Birst)


Captures in Person Feedback from Customers while the Experience is Top-of-Mind. Our Gamified Software Solution Makes the Experience of Giving Feedback Easy and Engaging. Bobly Produces 50x more Operational Feedback and Improves Overall Score at Review Sites which Results in a Significant Lift in Revenue.


- Marianne Haugland Hindsgaul (Serial Entrepreneur with 2 Previous Exits, Top 3 Finalist for Female Entrepreneur 2017 in Norway) - Kim Hindsgaul (MECS, Serial Entrepreneur with 3 Previous Exits, Several Worldwide Patents) - Alexander Bergo (Ph.D Communication and Information Sciences)

Cruz Foam

Compostable Packaging from the Ocean for the Ocean


- John Felts (MS Materials Eng, UW; Santa Cruz Innovator of the Year 2018) - Xiaolin Zhang (PhD Materials Eng, UW) - Marco Rolandi (PhD Applied Physics, Stanford; Chair, Electrical Eng, UCSC; KitoTech Medical, Co-Founder)


Delivering Expert Insights on Demand and Empowering Enterprises to Create their Own Knowledge Networks through a SaaS Model


- Derek Hans (Former Microsoft Engineer) - Nikhil Punwaney (Course 6 MIT, MS in Computer Science MIT, Focus on AI) - Yishi Zuo (MIT, MBA, 2018) - Devin Basinger (MIT, MBA, 2018)


Document Security Made Simple: Protect and Track Confidential Files After Sending


- Augustine Lim (Masters EE & IT, Technical University of Munich)


Empowers Gig Workers to Run their Own Highly Personalized Businesses. Shoppers Earn 3X and their Customers’ Experience Gets Better with Every Shop.


- Nate D'Anna (M&A at Cisco, Harvard MBA) - Joel Shapiro (Marketing and Sales at NI, UT MBA) - Tom Schoellhammer (Google and Cisco, Phd CS UCLA); Cal Leung (Mobile and UX)


Developed the AI Technology NASA Uses to Remotely Monitor Astronauts and is Now Applying it to Monitor Patients with Chronic Conditions and Improve Health Outcomes. Working with Kaiser Permanente in Heart Failure Monitoring & Rapidly Expanding Pilots with Health Providers Across the US.


- Rachna Dhamija (3rd Startup, PhD UC Berkeley) - Maarten Sierhuis (AI Expertise Nissan Autonomous Vehicles, NASA)

Foresight Mental Health

Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Mental Healthcare


- Matt Milford (BioE @Berkeley) - Doug Hapeman (EECS @Berkeley) - Jerry Gelbart, MD (Medical Director, 30+ Years of Psychiatry Experience, Stanford Adjunct Clinical Faculty)

Gridline AI (formerly Solisite)

An AI-Powered Platform that Connects Energy Projects to Financing Companies, Automating the Financial Due Diligence Processes


- Michele (Mike) Lunati (Mckinsey, Harvard MPA / Wharton MBA) - Marc Suter (Head of Swiss Solar Team, ABB) - Ramin Ghelichi (MIT, Phd, Semanteon, Smartassets)

Insera Health

Automates the Collection of Patient Medical Information to Improve the Efficiency of Medical Encounters


- Ranjith Babu, MD (Duke Resident Neurosurgeon) - David Parker (MBA)


Improving Operational Efficiency of Construction Job Sites by Leveraging Location & Movement Data of Workers and Equipment


- Piyush Vishwakarma (CTO iX Energy, IIT Roorkee) - Kamran Alam (Tata Communications, IIT Roorkee) - Prerak Ujgare (IIT Roorkee)

Laava Tech

Developed Tech (sf + hw) to Decrease Lighting Energy Consumption for Indoor Farmers. Minimum 50% Decrease for Modern LEDs, Up to 90% for Older Lighting Tech.


- Oleg Zaretski (Director, Imatek) - Sergei Radzionou (Head of Automation, Imatek) - Tatsiana Zaretskaya (Founded first business at 16, OSCE and UPEACE Scholar) - Jussi Pikkarainen (Marketing Project Manager, Skeleton Technologies)

Inactive, 2019

Oberon Global

Helps Manage Compliance for Equity Fundraising. We’ve Designed and Built 84 Unique On-boarding Workflows for Investors from Around the World. We Manage Compliance so Our Customers Can Focus on Building their Business.


- Peter Kinnaird (Georgia Tech BS/MS in CS/HCI; 3 years @ CMU Ph.D. - Brian O'Neill, J.D. (Formely JP Morgan Asset) - 3x San Francisco-based Full Stack Engineers

PenguinSmart Inc.

Intelligent, Individualized Rehab Services for All. We Expand the Reach of Therapists by 8x through Empowering Caregivers, First Focusing on the 1-in-7 Communication Delayed Children.


- Amy Kwok, MD, MPH (Harvard, Peking University, Wellframe, Designed Mobile Health Diagnosis Apps) - Matt Kwok, MBA (PM & PMM@Microsoft & VMware Cloud Services, MIT Sloan MBA, UC Berkeley)

Rosalyn Inc

An AI Exam Proctoring Platform that Makes Exams Incredibly Secure and Truly Scalable. We are Making it Possible to Deliver Online Exams at Home at a Lower Cost but with Higher Security when Compared to a Physical Testing Center.


- Noorullah Akbari (3x Entrepreneur, 11yrs Exp. in Exam Security) - Martin Jakobsson (Ex- Nokia and Microsoft, Several Patents, 10 Yrs Exp. in Computer Vision and AI) - Aaron Dodds (Ex-Apple and Pearson with 15 Years of Experience in Product)


AI Generated Catalog Images for Fashion eCommerce


- Mayank Kumar (IIT Delhi, Former Microsoft Engineer, Sold Previous Company to Flipkart) - Madhur Goel (IIT Delhi, UCLA, Focus on Deep Learning)

Walrus Security

Know Who You’re Paying


- Michael Walfish (NYU CS Prof, PhD MIT, BA Harvard) - Andrew Blumberg (UT Math Prof, PhD UChicago, BA Harvard, EFF Advisor) - Max Howald (B.Eng Cooper Union)