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Class XIX – Sept 2018

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Social Fashion Shopping Platform Where We Combine AI with User Generated Contents to Help Plus Size Women Shop


- Terence Fong (Design Engineer @Fortune 500 Company MS Engineering @Stanford) - Jonathan Brown (R&D Engineer @Boeing, MS Engineering @UC Berkeley)


SaaS Platform that Improves Agrochem’s Supply Chain by Helping Manufacturers Trade in a More Efficient and Profitable Way with their Distributors and Farmers


- Juan MC (Engineer, Former Founder & CEO at Agroterra) - Jose Puig (Former +10yr CTO at Agroterra) - Victor Sanchez Ros (+15yrs as Tech CEO, Cambridge, MBA)

Arkose Labs

Fraud and Abuse Prevention for the World’s Most Targeted Businesses with Zero Friction to Users


- Kevin Gosschalk (BGames&InteractiveEnt, QUT) - Matthew Ford (MA, Stanford; Lead; Microsoft; Game Designer, Atari)

Birdnest Inc.

Transforming Under-Utilized Real Estate into Productive and Flexible Offices for Startups


- Nick Jiang (Duke MBA, Princeton Engineering) - Ray Choi (Kellogg MBA; Intuit; Accenture)

Acquired by Zebi India Pvt Ltd, 2019


A Platform for the Storage, Verification and Exchange (Trade) of All Things Genuine, so we may Easily Deal with – “Is This Real?”


- Pruthvi Rao (India Nominee for Citibank FastTrax Program) - Gaurav Prakash (SVP, Citibank) - Mahantesh Kumar (AVP, Business Head, Zenith Software)

Corporate Video Production Simplified and Made on On-Demand


- Tomas De Matteis (Seasoned Audio Visual Producer) - Jorge Soto (Twitter, Mopub, Kickapps, 3 Exits) - Lucy Richards (Stanford, Machine Learning, NLP) - Alex Lim (Lendingclub.Com, CBS Radio) - Nicole Laniado (Boston College, Visa, Plaid Inc)

Hardin Scientific, Inc.

Designer and Manufacturer of the World’s Only Modular and Internet Enabled Laboratory Equipment


- Aaron Hardin (Scientist, Philosopher, Engineer, US Army Veteran) - Andrei Klimanov (Serial Entrapreneure, Software Engineer, Expert with Data Analytics and ML applications)


Outcome Data Platform (SaaS) for Hospitals & Clinics. Operational in 9 Hospitals, our Proprietary NLP/AI Technology Mines Data from Legacy Systems to Quantify and Improve Health Outcomes in Real-Time for 10.000nds of Patients.


- Georges De Feu (Pharm.D., successful 3x HealthTech founder) - Elke De Witte (Ph.D. Neuroscience, UCSF Medical) - Dries Hens (M.D., MBA) - Emanouil Kazaltzis (IT Architect at Norkom - acquired by BAE Systems, SAS analytics)


Using Data to Make Policing Better. $21 Billion Market, 9 Paying Customers and $2M in ARR in Late Stage of Sales Pipeline.


- Kona Shen (2x founder, Brown, Stanford) - Mustafa Abdul-Hamid (2x founder, UCLA, Stanford) - Maurice Wright (3x Technical Founder) - Advisors include 5 Chiefs of Police and founding CTO of OpenGov

nCorium (Previously Fusion Memory)

Solving the Infrastructure Problem for AI and ML of Future by Turning Existing Architecture on its Head to Revolutionize the Internal Connectivity within Servers and Delivering 30X More Performance with 4X More Power Efficiency


- Arvindh Lalam (Co-Founder of Qualcomm Corp Venture Snaphome) - Dr. Steve Swanson (Director of Non-Volaile Systems Lab)


Smart System to Automatically Integrate, Collect, Visualize, and Analyze Medical Data, Creating a Battle Plan for a Patient’s Personalized Situation


- Tal Rusak (MS, Stanford University; BS, Cornell University, Summa Cum Laude; Cisco) - Dr. Guy Rosenthal (Director of Neurocritical Care, Hadassah - Hebrew University Hospital; Neurosurgeon, UCSF; MD, University of Michigan, Forbes Best Doctor) - Dr. Gregory Hawryluk (University of Utah Hospital)


Upgrading Native Cell Phone Calls with App Integrations and Business Features such as Automatic Recording and Transcription


- Enlai Chu (20+ years in telecom @ Cisco, Skype, Microsoft; Founder/CTO Of 3jam - acquired by Skype; UBC EE, UC Berkeley MBA) - Justin Duan (Product designer with app featured by Apple; UC Berkeley)

Redbird Health Tech

Lab-in-a-Box Solution for Convenient Healthcare in Emerging Market Pharmacies


- Patrick Beattie (BSe Princeton, MBA Oxford, founding scientist at Diagnostics For All) - Andrew Quao (B.Pharm, MPH Dartmouth) - Edward Grandstaff (BS Comp Eng)


The World’s First Commercial Spaceflight Booking Platform. Our Goal is to Open Space Up to Everyone.


- Avery Haskell (Entrepreneur, Formerly Product Manager at Healthtap, Data Science Fellow at Social Capital, Stanford CS)

SMART Brain Aging

Mitigate Dementia via New and Novel Cognitive Exercises in a Socialized Environment. We Help Aging Individuals Online and in Person.


- Dr. John DenBoer (Harvard Medical School; Barrow Neruological Institute) - Sal Khogati (Cal State Hayward)


Connecting Every Plant to The Internet. Helping the Green Industry Increase Sustainability and Productivity by Providing Actionable Data from Plant Sensors in the Field.


- Martin Dal (B.Sc. in Computer Science - IoT thesis) - Chris Thorup (M.Sc. In Sustainable Design) - Jens-Ole Graulund (M.Sc in Computer Science - 35yr+ XP in SW Architecture And Connected Devices)

DIY Data Science for Healthtech


- Tom Covington (Stanford; Ford, Honda Racing, Pinnacle Engines, Ardica Technologies) - Jesse Paquette (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus; UCSF, Life Technologies, Ayasdi) - Mark Mooney (BSC Kings College London, PhD University of East Anglia; Thermo Fisher Scientific, BGI Americas Corporation, DNAnexus)

Videoflow (by Twizted Design)

In the Shift from Broadcast to Streaming Video, Videoflow Aims to be the Leading SaaS Platform that Enables Broadcasters and Content Providers to Deliver Personalized and Targeted Live Video Content that Viewers can Interact with


- Jan Umansky (NBC, CBS Sports, Fox, CCTV) - Danny Umansky (Ride-Smart, Celebrite)

When Labs

AI Transforming Hourly Work


- Nigel Beck (3x Founder; Nine Digit Exit to IBM; Univ. of Toronto) - Justin Louis (Change.Org, Zynga, Flock, Mercurial; University of Victoria)


Enables the World’s Best Time Synchronization Across Networks Powering Sub-Meter Location Tracking of RF Devices Like Phones, Cars, Drones, and IoT in 3D without Retrofitting


- Danny Jacker (Stanford GSB, CEO the 3D Printing Company) - Phil Kratz (Stanford Applied Physics PhD) - Alex Hooshmand (Head of Product Double Click, Co-Founder Blue Kai)