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Class XIV – Jan 2017

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Next-Generation Push Notifications for Android.


- Francis Doumet (Stanford Engineering, Wharton MBA)

Amber Agriculture

Automates Grain Management for Farmers Using Wireless Sensors and Data Analytics


- Lucas Frye (Farm Background with Wide-Range of Agribusiness Experience) - Joseph Varikooty (Mechanical Design and Fabrication to Electrical Hardware Design and Fabrication to Firmware Creation to Simple Cloud Systems)

Inactive, 2020


Cloud-Based Optimization Service for Applicant Databases


- Laura I. Gómez (Former Head of Twitter Localization; Forbes, San Francisco Magazine's Most Powerful Women; UC Berkeley)


Blockchain-Powered Smart-Contracts Solutions for the $2.5 Trillion Securitization Market in the Financial Industry.


- Ivan Zone (Wharton; Machine Learning Quant at $4B Hedge Fund - Petra Capital) - John Heeter (7+ Development Experience in Gaming Industry, Distributed Computing Projects at Firaxis Games)


Cloud-Controlled Infrastructure for Enterprise Physical Security. Computer Vision and Machine Learning Applied to Access Control and Video Surveillance Together, in a Cloud Model.  


- Rick Bentley (UC Berkeley, Advisor Google X, Founder/CEO Televoke/deCarta (acq by Uber) - Glenn Forrester (Harvard, Interim CEO ChowTime, Founder/CEO Coral SW (acq by Apple)


Active Defense Data Protection


- Boris Burshteyn (Oracle, PostPath, Cisco, SQL Comm., invented Hello language) - Mike Burshteyn (UC Berkeley, Emory JD, #1 debater USA, Cybercrime lawyer) - Tim Draper - VC & F500 CISO advisors

Acquired by Twitter, 2019


Speech Enabled Device that Provides Domain-Specific, On-Site Information and Services. Starting with Hotels Where We Are Live and Have Paid Contracts Each Worth $20K+ in ARR.


- Cam Urban (Y Combinator alum; Co-founded a hardware and software company, both acquired) - Peng "Michael" Shao (Led the Amazon Speech Cloud team responsible for the Amazon Speech APIs, Speech Cloud services, and Amazon Mobile Speech SDKs. 10 years experience doing NLP) - Le "Grace" Huang (Built the front-end experience for Amazon Coins purchasing, payments, and gifting across various device platforms. Automation undergrad. Masters in computer science)

Acquired by Square, Inc. 2019

Eloquent Labs

Builds High Quality AI Customer Service Agents, Offloading Most Conversations to the AI and Freeing Up Customer Support Agents to Handle the Creative Cases


- Gabor Angeli (UC Berkeley, Stanford Ph.D.) - Keenon Werling (Stanford)


A Social TV Layer for Media Enterprise. Keep your TV Audience Engaged Across your Web, Mobile, and Smart TV Apps. Realtime Viewership, Sentiment, and Engagement Analytics.


- Andres Aranguibel (UX/UI - Google, AAA, NeoReach) - Ravel Antunes (Engineering - Disney Imagineers, AAA) - Leonardo Aranguibel (Production - HBO, NBCU, Disney Media)


Smarter Financials, Faster Insights. Intuitive, Integrated, Real-Time Analytics for SMB Finance.


- Martin Zych (B2B SaaS Finance Career, U.Washington Lecturer - Financial Modeling) - Steve Turner (LiveVox, Alcatel-Lucent & Genesys, 6 Patents, MIT Technical Staff) - Sameer Halai (Microsoft, IBM, Amdocs, U.Michigan Social Computing)


Wireless Gigabit Internet for Everyone. Broadband Users are Demanding Better Connectivity But Fiber to the Home Deployments Have Failed Due to Cost and Scale Problems. We Connect the Last 100s of Meters Using Our Proprietary Wireless 60 Ghz Mesh Technology And Enabling Gigabit-To-The-Home Service


- Michael Gordon (13 years working on mmWave 60 GHz systems, releasing first worldwide CE & Moible phone 60 GHz product. SiBEAM, Silicon Image)


Builds Software that Organizes Work. It Uses AI to Help Teams Execute Projects, Saving Employees and Managers 30% of their Time  


- Darshan Desai (Princeton CS, JPM) - Leonardo Zizzamia (Twitter)


The System of Transaction for Modern Car Dealerships. The Prodigy Platform Increases Car Sales, Enhances the Customer Experience and Boosts Sales Efficiency by Nearly 500%.  


- Michia Rohrssen (Former Head of Growth at Venturebeat) - Marty Hu (Stanford CS, Founded Predictive Edge (acq by Dropbox)


Smart Taps for the Perfect Beer. Pubinno’s Taptronics Smart Beer Tap Serves Perfect Beer with its Patent Pending Robotics and Control Algorithm. It also Reduces Waste and Makes All Sales, Inventory and Maintenance Records Available Online. With Taptronics, Consumers Get Perfect Beer, Bar Managers Increase Profits and Brands Can Access Real Time Sales, Inventory and Quality Data, and Ensure Quality Standardization Across All Sales Outlets.


- Can Algul (8 years in F&B) - Necdet Alpmen (2 Startups and 3 Hardware Products)

Inactive, 2019

Qidza, Inc

App Platform for Parents to Screen for Developmental Delays (Like Autism) at Home and for Pediatricians to be Adherent to Medical Guidelines while Getting Paid.


- Jin Lee (taught child psychology at Oxford; Providence Ventures) - Jonathan Tuttle ($1B+ exit including the largest baby platform, Babycenter) - Avishaan Sethi (NASA bioengineer)


SaaS Platform for the Gig Economy – Helping Companies Find and Manage their External Workforce (Freelancers, Contractors And Vendors).


- Martin Konrad (exit to Edelman and then grew their global freelance talent network) - Joey Frasier (CIO for a top 5 global financial communications firm at 24; sales executive for DP DHL leading their Asia Sales & Solutions - selling to fortune 100 CMOs and CPOs)


Vertical AI Platform to Help Clothing Retailers to Turn Returns into a Profit Opportunity. App Performance Results in 20x Increase in Retained Revenues, Avoiding Returns Costs and Improving Customer Experience.


- Karthik Sridhar (Delphi, HP, CEB, BIT Mesra) - Gurudatt Bhobe (Merck, Baxter, VJTI, MDI Gurgaon)


Tracks and Improves Any Workflow in Real-time. $600k in Pilot Revenue. Daily Active Users Growing 20% MoM and MRR Growing 30% MoM.


- Amit Kothari (Decade in Process Improvement, Bath CS) - Walker Hamilton (Designed Obama-Campaign Site) - Pravina Pindoria (Decade in Process Improvement) - Dan Livengood (PhD from MIT) - Brittany Hagedorn (MBA and Math, WashU) - Thomas Palumbo (UX/UI for SoundCloud and NFL)

Uniquid Inc

Decentralized Identity and Access Management Platform to Provide Digital Keys and Security via Blockchain for the Physical World of Devices, Facilities or Entire Businesses  


- Stefano Pepe (Bitcoin Space since 2013) - Carlo Lentini (Olivetti R&D, Industrial Automation)