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Class XIII – Sept 2016

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Inactive, 2018

Choice AI

Shopper Exchange Network for e-Commerce Stores.


- Ram Ganesan (CEO, Retail intelligence, Data science, Strategy) - Pavan Kumar (CTO, Large data sets, Software Architect)

Acquired by Autonicx, Inc, 2019

Migration As A Service (Maas) Platform to Securely Migrate to and From Public and Private Clouds and Manage Their Assets in Real Time.


- Naveen Nimmu (20 years of expertise in Enterprise /Data Center segment, virtualization, hybrid cloud; IIT, Madras) - Giri Vayalapalli (Engineering Lead at Ericsson; First Data Corp; MBA and NIT, Warangal) - Srikanth (20 years in Sales- Cloud Computing, Information Security & Infrastructure Management; IIM Ahmedabad)

Data Fellas

Brings Sustainability to Data Science in Enterprises. The Solution Enables Deployment in Production of Data Science Work and Collects Knowledge From All Activities in the Data Development Teams to Enable Efficient Data Science in the Global Enterprise.


- Andy Petrella (Spark Notebook creator, Mathematics - Computer science) - Xavier Tordoir (Ph.D in Physics, Bioinformatics)


Provides an Open API to Make it Easy for B2B Marketplaces to Offer Financing Seamlessly.  


- Ken So (Corp Dev Exec at Ericsson, Qualcomm, UC Berkeley Haas MBA) - Winnie Cheng (Chief Data Scientist at Bankrate, JPM, AMEX, IBM, MIT PhD) - Jim McGuire (Data Science Lead at ZestFinance, UCSD PhD)


The Enterprise Mobile Platform for Organizations to Track, Monitor, and Manage Field Assets and Related Operations in Real Time.


- Vinodh Subramanian (16 year veteran in the Geographic Informations System (GIS) industry) - Jeff Smith (Berkeley, 10+ years experience in the Geographic Informations System (GIS) industry)

Uses Employee Data to Schedule Interviews Faster and Cheaper for Enterprises.


- Ahryun Moon (Freescale, Samsung, UT Austin Business) - Jasper Sone (Yelp, Paypal, UT Austin CS) - Peter Lee (Facebook, Guidebook, UC Berkeley EECS)

Keewi, Inc

An IoT Software Company that Uses the Power of Big Data and Machine Learning to Make Buildings Smart and Efficient Without Rebuilding Them.


- Hedi Razavi (Stanford PhD, UC Berkeley, Genentech) - Jennifer Tsau (Stanford MS, UC Irvine, NASA-JPL, Northrop Grumman)

Inactive, 2015


Provides Sales Prospecting & Automation to Help Sales & Marketing Teams Capture Leads from Social Networks.


- Angelo Huang (MS Comp Science - USC, Yahoo, Cofounder, Kelfia Interactive) - Mei Siauw (Wharton MBA, Oracle Product Mgmt)

Inactive, 2019

Lendsnap, Inc.

Linking Borrower Financial and Income Accounts Into Secure Financial Passports™ to Automate the Mortgage Document Hassle and Build the First True Mortgage Marketplace.


- Orion Parrott - CEO/CTO - Mike Romano - VP BD


Provides Network as a Service (Naas) for Wide Area Wireless Connectivity. Enables Non-Telco Players to Directly Reach End Consumers Bypassing Legacy Telco Providers. 10x Lower Cost of a Megabyte Over Puloli Means Internet of Things (IoT) and Video Delivery are Far More Business Viable Now


- Kethees Ketheesan (Newfield Wireless (acq by Netscout), Telephia (acq by Nielsen), Motorola; Electrical Engineering MSc, BSc Arizona State University) - Kevin Koehler (Marvell Semiconductor, Soma Networks, Motorola; Electrical Engineering MS Stanford, BS Case Western)


Helps Apps Get More Organic Downloads by Ranking Higher in the App Stores. The Proprietary Algorithm Understands what the Users are Searching for in the App Stores and Gives Automatic Suggestions to Optimize the Marketing Communication. $34K MRR Growing 21% MoM.


- Leandro Scalise (Former CMO of an app) - Rodrigo Castro (Bayer; 14y as an engineer)

Inactive, 2018

Verecho Inc.

Automating People Knowledge Management for Enterprises.


- Pooneet Goel (Stanford & Kellogg MBA; Booz & Co, FusionOps, Green Span Ventures) - Dale Chen (BS CS, Stanford University; CubeTree; LeanData)