Social Learning Employee Matching Software



Social Learning Employee Matching Software


– CEO was the First Female Under 30 in Japan to be the Country Manager for a Global Tech Company, Co-Founder and Founding Team Members are Great Engineers

– 5 Companies are in Contract Review Including a Couple of Fortune 500 Companies, Pipeline ARR is about $2M

– Great Founder-Market-Fit Meets Big Market ($46B)


Yumi Alyssa Kimura

CEO & Co-Founder; Founder of Meitu Japan @Meitu Technology's $5B IPO, 1 Law Degree from Japan, HR Management@Wharton

Ayman Chit

Co-Founder/CTO; Software Architecture, Data Scientist, 10+ Years Founded Startups: Plottr - AI Biometrics

Jay Willam

Co-Founder/VP of Engineering; Built Beta to GA Product @Twilio through IPO

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