• 3DPrinterOSVisit site

    First to Market - 3D Printing Cloud platform with Copyright Encryption and Centralized Command and Control.

    Investors:Vulcan Capital, Zillionize, Christian Dahlen, Ken Arnold

    "Could not have raised the capital and accelerated to market without Ravi and the Alchemist network. Incredible team and program attracting always the best and brightest! Thank you!"

    John Dogru

    Background - EE/CS UT Austin + multiple startups, 1 exit

  • 4me, IncVisit site

    SIAM Tooling for Selective Outsourcing.

    Investors:Storm Ventures

    "When 4me started to accelerate, it was Alchemist that helped us navigate the unique world of Bay Area venture capital."

    Cor Winkler Prins

    Background - Hewlett-Packard, BMC Software

  • AmodoVisit site

    Connected Insurance Client Platform. Insurers Can Connect with Clients through IoT Consumer Devices, Improving the Risk Prediction Capability and Building Communication Channels.

    Investors:Enter Tomorrow Europe Private Equity Fund managed by Lead Ventures Plc.

    Marijan Mumdziev

    Background - DT, Siemens, Nokia

  • Amper Technologies, Inc.Visit site

    Helps Plant Managers in Factories Increase Machine and Labor Productivity by Having Real-Time Access to Key Metrics of Machines.

    Investors:Slow Ventures, 1517 Fund, Q6 Capital

    Akshat Thirani

    Background - CS Northwestern University, won the Thiel Summit pitch prize

  • Arkose LabsVisit site

    Fraud and Abuse Prevention Backed by a 100% SLA

    Investors:USVP, PayPal

    Kevin Gosschalk

    Background - BGames&InteractiveEnt, QUT

  • Autify, Inc.Visit site

    Simply Automate Software Testing by AI.

    Investors:Genesia Ventures, KVP, Global Brain, Salesforce Ventures, Archetype Ventures

    "Alchemist turned me from an engineer to a real startup CEO. I learned all the important lessons to kick off the company during the program. Without Alchemist, Autify wouldn't be here today."

    Ryo Chikazawa

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - 3x Founder, Former startup Acq by JASDAQ-Listed Company

  • Back4App, IncVisit site

    Backend Platform for SaaS Applications.

    Investors:Indicator Capital, Wayra (Telefonica Investment Arm), Wharton Angels, TiE Angels, Angivest Ventures

    George Batschinski

    Background - Sales, Stanford LP7, former GTAC Software, CHC Helicopters, Embraer

  • BridgefyVisit site

    Software that Makes Mobile Apps Work Without Internet.

    Investors:GAN Ventures, Actium Partners, Ben Cherian, Mike Dvorkin, Timothy Mayeur, Biz Stone

    "The Alchemist program is like an MBA on steroids, except with exclusively relevant content for you to become a true startup founder."

    Jorge Rios

    Background - Top 100 Mexican Entrepreneurs 2014

  • Clear GeneticsVisit site

    Our Chatbot Platform Provides Personalized Genomic Information Consistently and Cost-Effectively, Allowing to Incorporate Genomics More Broadly into Patient Care

    Acquired by:Invitae

    Moran Snir

    Background - Medtronic strategy, Wharton MBA, M.Sc Biomedical Eng; Israeli Army

  • CryptoMoveVisit site

    Active Defense Data Protection.

    Investors:Red Dog Capital, Pathbreaker, Social Capital

    Michael Burshteyn

    CEO & Founder
    Background - UC Berkeley, Emory JD, #1 debater USA, Cybercrime Lawyer

  • dumplingVisit site

    Empowers Gig Workers to Run their Own Highly Personalized Businesses. Shoppers Earn 3X and their Customers’ Experience Gets Better with Every Shop.

    Investors:Floodgate Fund, Fuel Capital

    Nate D'Anna

    Background - M&A at Cisco, Harvard MBA

  • Eloquent LabsVisit site

    Builds High Quality AI Customer Service Agents

    Investors:Khosla Ventures, XSeed Capital

    Keenon Werling

    Background - Stanford, BS Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

  • FarmwiseVisit site

    Sustainable Farming, at Scale.

    Investors:Lemnos Labs, Calibrate Ventures, Wilbur Ellis, Xplorer Capital, Alumni Ventures Group

    Sebastien Boyer

    Background - CS MIT

  • Fuse Inventory, Inc.Visit site

    Next Generation Inventory Software.

    Investors:Precursor Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, Red Dog Capital, Pear Ventures

    "Alchemist is much more than a shiny logo. It offer invaluable resources to B2B entrepreneurs that no other accelerator has. The Alchemist network is by far the strongest. We recommend Alchemist to any B2B founder serious about scaling their business."

    Rachel Liaw

    Background - Stanford, UCLA, JD Candidate, 2018

  • JiravVisit site

    Smarter Financials, Faster Insights. Intuitive, Integrated, Real-Time Analytics for SMB Finance.

    Investors:Information Venture Partners, NextWorld Capital, Seven Peaks Ventures, Bluefish Ventures, Rich Riley, Steve King, Katherine Glassey, Dave Krauthamer, Alex Millar

    Martin Zych

    Background - B2B SaaS Finance Career, University of Washington Lecturer - Financial Modeling

  • LaunchDarklyVisit site

    Modern Product Managment Platform to Manage and Optimize Software.

    Investors:Cervin Ventures, SoftTech, Redpoint, Vertex Ventures, DFJ, Uncork Capital, Bessemer

    Edith Harbaugh

    Background - TripIt Product Director, Harvey Mudd College Eng

  • Leda HealthVisit site

    At Leda Health, it is our mission to transform existing systems of sexual assault prevention, care, and justice to better serve survivors and the communities in which they live.

    Investors:Bradley Tusk, 1/10 Capital, Calm/Storm Ventures

    "Without Alchemist, I wouldn't be where I am today. Alchemist forced me to run faster than any other entrepreneur and taught me how to, in the spirit of Silicon Valley, run fast and break things."

    Madison Campbell

    Background - Data Scientist, Astroepidemiologist

  • LightboxVRVisit site

    Automated 3D Scans of Products to Enable Next-Gen Retail Experiences.


    Mark Desai

    CEO & Founder
    Background - MS Physics Upenn

  • Litmus AutomationVisit site

    End-to-end IoT cloud PaaS for connecting devices, sensors or smart machines to enterprise applications like ERP, CRM or Bigdata.

    Investors:Momenta Partners, Plug and Play Ventures, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mark Nashman, Rob Ashe

    Vatsal Shah

    Background - Rockwell Automation, MS in Entrepreneruship @Em-lyon France @Zhejiang China & @Purdue Krannert, BTech in Industrial Eng.

  • MightyHiveVisit site

    Harness Enterprise Data Assets for Marketing

    Investors:A16Z, Menlo Ventures
    Acquired by:S4 Capital

    "Alchemist was a great experience for MightyHive - it played a key role for us both in terms of the quality advice from the mentors and as a source of investor interest."

    Pete Kim

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Background - Former Head of Business Development, Google Media Platforms

  • MoesifVisit site

    Platform that Makes Sense of the World's API Data to Change How APIs are Created, Debugged, and Used. We are to the API economy what New Relic did for the APM space.

    Investors:Merus Capital, Heavybit, Fresco Capital, iSeed Ventures, Silicon Badia, TiE Angels, Gokul Rajaram, Zach Coelius

    "If you're a SaaS or B2B startup and want to accelerate growth, Alchemist Accelerator is THE accelerator to join. B2B has its own unique set of challenges which requires a unique set of advisors and mentors. Ravi and his team are top notch and super helpful."

    Derric Gilling

    Background - Intel Xeon Phi CPU Architect, Computer Eng @University of Michigan

  • NeoReachVisit site

    Allows enterprise companies to scale influencer marketing programs. Advertisers can buy traffic directly from influencers using a cost-per-click model.

    Investors:Founders Fund, Itochu Group, DAC

    Jesse Leimgruber

    Background - Stanford CS, Rank Executives

  • NMLStreamVisit site

    AI for Managing IT

    Investors:Khosla Ventures

    Dan ONeill

    Background - Assoc. Prof. Stanford, Sr. Dir. Oracle, GM TI, PhD Stanford, MBA UCB

  • ParabolVisit site

    Prioritization and Employee Progression for Modern Teams.

    Investors:CRV, Haystack Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Firebolt Ventures, Flight Ventures, Techstars Anywhere

    "Alchemist helped us build Bay Area connections when we had very few, tell our story in a way that would excite others, and realize we were less alone on our journey than we thought."

    Jordan Husney

    Background - Head of Product @ Digi, Architect of GE's Advanced Manufacturing Strategy

  • PlayVoxVisit site

    Customer Service Quality Assurance Software

    Investors:Five Elms Capital

    ""For a Silicon Valley outsider, joining the Alchemist Accelerator was the best decision we made.""

    Oscar Giraldo

    Background - CS, Leadership, Call Center Experience

  • PuloliVisit site

    Provides Network as a Service (NaaS) for Wide Area Wireless Connectivity.

    Investors:Aligned Partners

    "Puloli would not have happened without Alchemist Accelerator. Thanks guys for getting us in and trusting us to make it to our first major fundraising and customers and revenue! Forever grateful."

    Kethees Ketheesan

    Background - Newfield Wireless (acq by Netscout), Telephia (acq by Nielsen), Motorola; Electrical Engineering MSc, BSc Arizona State University

  • QC Ware Corp.Visit site

    Enterprise Applications on Quantum Computers

    Investors:Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Airbus

    Matt Johnson

    Background - Ex MD @ Apollo - MBA, Wharton

  • Sensely CorporationVisit site

    Avatar-based, Empathy-driven Clinical Platform that Helps Clinicians and Patients Better Monitor and Manage their Health.

    Investors:Eastlink Capital, Fenox Ventures, Mayo Clinic, StartX

    Adam Odessky

    Founder, CEO
    Background - BS CS, ex-TellMe PM

  • ShuttleVisit site

    The World’s First Commercial Spaceflight Booking Platform. Our Goal is to Open Space Up to Everyone.

    "Alchemist Accelerator is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to get connected to key advisors, coaches, and investors, and get hands-on & valuable education about fundraising, pitching, selling, and more."

    Avery Haskell

    Background - Entrepreneur, Formerly Product Manager at Healthtap, Data Science Fellow at Social Capital, Stanford CS

  • Stellic (Previously Metis Labs)Visit site

    Collaborative Platform to Help Students Plan their College Journey and Stay on Track; Solves Growing Student Retention Problem Faced by Higher Ed.

    Investors:Rethink Education, Entangled Ventures, Reach Capital, QSTP, Arjun Singh, Michael Donohue

    "Thank you for being the best thing that happened to Stellic!"

    Sabih Bin Wasi

    Background - CS, Carnegie Mellon

  • SupplyAIVisit site

    Shipping & Returns Platform for Modern Retail

    Investors:Emergent Ventures, Multiverse Investments, Supply Chain Ventures, Revel Venture Partners, CloudApps Capital Partners

    Karthik Sridhar

    Background - Delphi, HP, CEB, BIT Mesra

  • Vincere HealthVisit site

    Using Remote Patient Monitoring and Financial Incentives to Help People Quit Smoking and Get Healthier.

    Investors:Victress Capital, AmFam Institute, Trevor Fetter, Laurie Adams, George John

    "The Alchemist mentor and founder network is world class. There's an expert at the top of their field for any technical challenge, who's willing to connect, share their advice and help."

    Shalen De Silva

    Background - Harvard MPH; Cambridge MFin; ex-LevFin banker

  • ZipongoVisit site

    Payors Subscribe Members for Personalized Meal Plans, Savings on Healthy Groceries and Rewards for Buying 'GO' Foods.

    Investors:Founder Collective, Bee Partners, Excel, Seventure Partners, Zaffre Investments

    Jason Langheier

    Founder & CEO
    Background - Founder, Proventys (Acq by McKesson)

  • MobileSpanVisit site

    File Sharing for the Uncloud

    Investors:Greylock, K9 Ventures, True Ventures
    Acquired by:Dropbox

    "Alchemist helped us out immensely by introducing us to enterprise-focused VCs and angel investors. The enterprise startup community is not as large as the consumer one, and there aren’t many places where companies like MobileSpan can get feedback. Alchemist has created a valuable forum for enterprise startups to gather and talk. Their weekly speaker series on startup challenges is incredible — highly recommended!"

    Nils Bunger

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Background - Former VP Engineering, Pano Logic

  • CobaltVisit site

    Crowdsourced Application Security. Connecting Businesses with Security Researchers

    Investors:Draper Associates, Kima Ventures, Boost, 500 Startups, Michigan eLabs, eLab VC, byFounders, DG Incubation, Spark Land, Plug and Play Ventures, Highland Europe, Tim Draper, Gerhard Eschelbeck, Dr. Fengmin Gong, Rob Mann, Tony Spinelli

    Jacob Hansen

    Founder & CEO
    Background - UCLA; Accenture

  • MetadataVisit site

    Fuels Marketing Campaigns by Leveraging CRM & Marketing Automation Data into Laser-Focused Targeted Advertising

    Investors:Hillsven Capital, Greycroft, 500 Startups, Right Side Capital Partners, Acorn, SeedInvest, Partech Venture Partners, Resolute Ventures, York IE, Stormbreaker Ventures, Mark Organ, Ilya Volodarsky, Dave McClure, Mickey Alon, Mike Telem, Vlad Medvedovsky, Abe Tahe, Max Altschuler, Yuli Chen, Travis May

    Gil Allouche

    Background - MBA; Israel

  • AssemblageVisit site

    Real-Time Collaboration with Extremely Simple, One-Click Tools

    Investors:Foundation Capital
    Acquired by:Cisco

    "Alchemist mentors are the best, the best in the world!"

    Cathrine Andersen

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - Copenhagen, Denmark

  • AtipicaVisit site

    Cloud-Based Optimization Service for Applicant Databases

    Investors:True Ventures, Precursor, Kapor Capital

    "Alchemist is the best!"

    Laura Gomez

    Background - Former Head of Twitter Localization; Forbes, San Francisco Magazine's Most Powerful Women; UC Berkeley

  • Cambrian GenomicsVisit site

    DNA Laser Printer

    Investors:Felicis Ventures, Founders Fund

    In Loving Memory:1983 - 2015

    "Alchemist is excellent finishing school for crazy tactless engineers who want to change the world. Ravi helped me understand venture capital, introduced me to a lot of great people, and helped me realize my dreams. Thanks!"

    Austen Heinz

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Background - PhD EE and CS, Duke BS

  • ClearMetalVisit site

    Predictive Analytics SaaS to Solve the Most Complex Problems in Logistics -- Starting with Container-Shipping

    Investors:NEA, Innovation Endeavors, Prelude Fund, PSA Unboxed Pte. Ltd., SAP.io Fund, Logistics Technology Investments

    Adam Compain

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - Stanford MBA

  • Groove Labs Inc.Visit site

    Increases CRM Adoption and Rep Productivity By Bringing Together Email and CRM

    Investors:Knight and Bishop, L.P., SoftTech VP, Quest VP, Uncork Capital, Level Equity, Capital One Growth Ventures, Level Equity

    Chris Rothstein

    Background - Google

  • MatternetVisit site

    UAV Networks for the Transportation of Goods

    Investors:Andreessen Horowitz, Damiler AG

    "The fastest way from disruptive idea to disruptive business."

    Andreas Raptopoulos

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - Singularity University

  • ProdigyVisit site

    The System of Transaction for Modern Car Dealerships. The Prodigy Platform Increases Car Sales, Enhances the Customer Experience and Boosts Sales Efficiency by Nearly 500%

    Investors:8VC, Scrum Ventures, Abstract VC, Battery Ventures, Tribe Capital

    Michia Rohrssen

    Background - Former Head of Growth at VentureBeat

  • Rigetti Quantum ComputingVisit site

    General-Purpose, Commercial Quantum Supercomputing Systems

    Investors:Data Collective, Felicis Ventures, AME Cloud, Morado, Susa Ventures, Founders Fund, Sutter Hill Ventures, Lux, Bloomberg Beta, YC Growth, Bessemer Venture Partners, Franklin Templeton, Alumni Ventures Group, EDBI, Morpheus Ventures and Northgate Capital.

    Chad Rigetti

    Background - Yale, PhD; IBM

  • SelligyVisit site

    Mobile CRM

    Investors:Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Salesforce
    Acquired by:Veeva Systems

    "Alchemist was instrumental in helping us navigate the funding process - both in terms of connections to investors and strategy. Highly recommended for B2B startups looking for funding!"

    Nilay Patel

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Background - Former VP of Sales, Blackblaze, UC Berkeley Computer Science

  • SocialPandasVisit site

    Social Selling Platform

    Investors:True Ventures

    "If you're looking to start and launch an enterprise-focused startup, Alchemist is the must-join accelerator program."

    Gretchen DeKnikker

    CMO and Co-Founder
    Background - Director, LivePerson (LPSN)

  • BrightfunnelVisit site

    "Splunk for CMOs" - Revenue Insights Across Marketing Data Silos

    Investors:Crosslink Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Karlin Ventures, Salesforce Ventures

    Nadim Hossain

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Background - VPM PowerReviews, Salesforce, GSB

  • ByteVisit site

    The Most Affordable Fresh Food Solution For Workplaces


    Megan Mokri

    Background - Yahoo, Cornell, Haas MBA

  • DeferPanicVisit site

    Eliminating security problems every company has with unikernel based infrastructure.

    Investors:Initialized Capital, Hack.VC, Liquid2

    Ian Eyberg

    Background - Appthority Sr. Engineer, Wrote Code Obfuscation Sold to Federal Gov't & Poker Parsing Grammars

  • EverykeyVisit site

    The Revolution of Access Control

    Investors:Monozukuri Ventures, Band of Angels, Sparkland Capital, 343 Capital, Monarch Investment, Protocol Investments, Lateral Capital, GP Ventures, Cathexis Ventures

    Chris Wentz

    Background - Serial Entrepreneur

  • FlowcastVisit site

    Provides an Open API to Make it Easy for B2B Marketplaces to Offer Financing Seamlessly

    Investors:Visionnaire Ventures, TEEC Angel Fund, Enspire Capital, Polytech Ventures, StartX, Alpana Ventures, Katalyst Ventures, ING Ventures, BitRock Capital

    Ken So

    Background - Corp Dev, Ericsson, Qualcomm, UC Berkeley Haas MBA

  • FrontleafVisit site

    Actionable Insights to Reduce Customer Churn in the Subscription Economy

    Acquired by:Zuora

    "Thank you Ravi and Danielle for the terrific Alchemist program, I credit Alchemist for helping us on the right path towards this exciting result."

    Tom Krackeler

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - Convio

  • FunnelBeamVisit site

    AI Driven Account Based Sales.

    Investors:Digital Garage, Start Smart Labs

    Rafat Alvi

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - Stanford MS; Zenprise (acq by Citrix), Kno(acq by Intel), HisBlackBox(acq by eBay)

  • Mixed DimensionsVisit site

    Developing a Cross Platform Modeling Tool for 3D Printing

    Investors:Badia, Alsop Louie Partners, Dolby Family Ventures, Draper Athena Fund, IDreamSky, Mimaki, K Lin, M Chow

    Muhannad Taslaq

    Background - BS CS

  • MoEngage Inc.Visit site

    Marketing Automation Platform Pioneering User-Level Personalization and Solving the Problem of Churn in Mobile Apps

    Investors:Helion Venture Partners, Exfinity Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, Ventureast, Eight Roads Ventures India III, L.P., F-Prime, Rohan Angrish

    Raviteja Dodda

    Founder & CEO
    Background - CEO - IIT CS, Cisco, Google

  • mPharmaVisit site

    Pharmaceutical Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Provider for Emerging Markets Starting in Africa

    Investors:Social+Capital, Exigent Capital, Bharti Mittal Family Office, Breyer Capital, Western Technology Investment, CDC Group

    Gregory Rockson

    Background - PPIA Fellow, Princeton University

  • OomnitzaVisit site

    Enterprise IT Asset Management

    Investors:Bowery Capital, Bloomberg, Cherubic Ventures Inc., DoubleRock, LLC, 15 Angels II LLC, Shasta Ventures, Riverside Acceleration Capital, RIK

    Arthur Lozinski

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - SAP

  • QboxVisit site

    Elasticsearch as a Service

    Investors:Vulcan Ventures, Flint Capital, Funders Club, Antecedent Ventures, Steve King, Steven Tamm

    Mark Brandon

    Co-Founder and CEO
    Background - Oracle, Dell

  • RankMyAppVisit site

    Helps Apps Get More Organic Downloads by Ranking Higher in the App Stores.

    Investors:Inseed, Off the Grid Ventures, Bossa Nova Investimentos

    Leandro Scalise Gomes

    Background - SEO & Mobile Marketing Professor, former CMO, Guiato; Anheuser-Busch InBev

  • rENIAC, IncVisit site

    Providing Real-Time Analytics by Moving Batch Processing to Real-Time Online Processing

    Investors:Menlo Ventures

    Prasanna Sundararajan

    Founder & CEO
    Background - Ex-Xilinx Architect

  • Retail ZiplineVisit site

    Drives Sales for National Retailers by Improving the Actionable Communication Between HQ and the Stores

    Investors:Hillsven Capital

    Melissa Wong

    Background - Gap Inc, Old Navy

  • Sempre HealthVisit site

    Bringing Behavior-Based, Dynamic Pricing to Healthcare


    "Ravi & Danielle - thanks for an unforgettable Alchemist experience! From the first ropes course to the weekly sessions and culminating in Demo Day - this has been more of a community than we could have imagined."

    Anurati Mathur

    Background - Founding Data Scientist @ Propeller Health; UC Berkeley

  • ShortlistVisit site

    SaaS Platform for the Gig Economy - Helping Companies Find and Manage their External Workforce (Freelancers, Contractors And Vendors)

    Investors:Impulse VC, FundersClub, Maciej Kranz

    Martin Konrad

    Background - Exit to Edelman and then grew their global freelance talent network

  • Switch AutomationVisit site

    Enterprise Operations Platform for Portfolios of Buildings

    Investors:Microventures, Digital Garage, Giant Leap, Scale Investors, Allectus Capital, Perle Ventures, Gaw Capital, Metaprop, Taronga Group, RealTechX, Peter Cameron

    "The Alchemist Accelerator was instrumental in raising our $3.8M Series A. They introduced us to 100+ investors and very quickly helped us secure our first $1M with a high profile group, which immediately attracted additional investors to close our round."

    Deborah Noller

    Background - James Cook University B. Commerce, CS

  • Text IQVisit site

    Building AI that can take unstructured text and automatically determine "who talks to whom, and about what"

    Investors:Floodgate Fund, Pathbreaker Ventures, Mooring Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Sierra Ventures

    "Alchemist was invaluable in teaching us about enterprise sales and assisting with our fundraising efforts. The coaching, mentorship, and network have been incredibly valuable. I would strongly recommend Alchemist to any founder who is selling to the enterprise."

    Apoorv Agarwal

    Background - Ph.D. in Computer Science, Columbia, original contributor of IBM Watson

  • Tylr MobileVisit site

    Turning your inbox into a platform for mobile work

    Investors:Citrix, Salesforce

    "This is my 4th enterprise startup, so I don’t need business 101 advice, but I’m absolutely hungry for expertise in making enterprise sales and help finding development customers with specific needs. We got to show off our mobile inbox for salespeople to an audience of innovators from Fortune 500 companies to give us feedback... there’s no way we’d have that without Alchemist."

    Ryan Nichols

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Background - Podio (CTRX), Appirio, SAP, McKinsey

  • Volans-iVisit site

    Fastest & cheapest on-demand delivery service for time-sensitive items using high-speed long-range drones

    Investors:Liquid2VC, YCombinator, CNW

    "I learned so much through Alchemist that helped us accelerate our company on a path to success."

    Hannan Parvizian

    Background - Ex-Tesla, BSc. Mech. Eng. TUM

  • WaygumVisit site

    Mobile App Platform for Industrial IoT

    Investors:Tyco Corporate Venture, Navitas Capital, HSB Corporate Ventures

    "Had we winged it by ourselves, it would have taken us at least 4x times more time/effort to get the similar kind of experience, exposure and panache that Alchemist was able to provide us in such a short span of time. It is truly an "accelerating" experience ! Ravi and his team are top notch!"

    Sundar Krish

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Background - Cisco, SVB, IIT Madras

  • Wise.ioVisit site

    Machine Learning as a Service for Enterprise Big Data

    Investors:Citrix, Voyager Capital
    Acquired by:GE Digital

    "The Alchemist Accelerator was a wonderful introduction to the world of the B2B ecosystem for me and my co-founders. Ravi Belani provided enormous support for us and our growth was quicker and more robust because of it."

    Joshua Bloom

    Founding CEO and Co-Founder
    Background - Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley

  • XocketsVisit site

    Produces Scalable, Faster, and Future-Proof Data Centers for Machine Learning and Analytics

    Investors:AME Cloud Ventures, Morado Ventures, Cote Capital

    "The caliber of speakers are second to none."

    Parin Dalal

    Background - PhD Physics, Former Stanford Associate Scientist

  • YotaScaleVisit site

    Enterprise-Grade Cloud Systems Management Platform

    Investors:Pelion Venture Partners, Engineering Capital, Timothy Chou, Luis Robles, Viresh Bhatia

    "Overall the program was engaging and fun. Ravi truly cares about the founders and Danielle is a great execution machine."

    Asim Razzaq

    Background - Sr. Dir. of Engineering for Cloud Computing at eBay and PayPal

  • Zycada NetworksVisit site

    Helps App Creators Deliver a High-Performance Experience to Their End Users

    Investors:Cervin Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Flight VC

    Subramanian Varadarajan

    Founder & CEO
    Background - MS CS, SIE; Stanford GSB