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  • Shopper Exchange Network for e-Commerce Stores. We are Creating A New Revenue Stream for e-Commerce Stores by Exchanging Shoppers Across A Network of Highly Relevant e-Commerce Stores. It Would be 12X More Profitable than Using Product Display Ads for Monetization.

    - Ram Ganesan (CEO, Retail Intelligence, Data Science, Strategy)
    - Pavan Kumar (CTO, Large Data Sets, Software Architect)

    Migration As A Service (Maas) Platform to Securely Migrate to and From Public and Private Clouds and Manage Their Assets in Real Time.

    - Naveen Nimmu (20 Years of Expertise in Enterprise /Data Center Segment, Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud; IIT, Madras)
    - Giri Vayalapalli (Engineering Lead at Ericsson; First Data Corp; MBA and NIT, Warangal)
    - Srikanth (20 Years In Sales- Cloud Computing, Information Security & Infrastructure Management; IIM Ahmedabad)

    Brings Sustainability to Data Science in Enterprises. The Solution Enables Deployment in Production of Data Science Work and Collects Knowledge From All Activities in the Data Development Teams to Enable Efficient Data Science in the Global Enterprise.

    - Andy Petrella (Spark Notebook Creator, Mathematics - Computer Science)
    - Xavier Tordoir (Ph.D In Physics, Bioinformatics)

    Provides an Open API to Make it Easy for B2B Marketplaces to Offer Financing Seamlessly.  

    - Ken So (Corp Dev Exec at Ericsson, Qualcomm, UC Berkeley Haas MBA)
    - Winnie Cheng (Chief Data Scientist at Bankrate, JPM, AMEX, IBM, MIT Phd)
    - Jim Mcguire (Data Science Lead at Zestfinance, UCSD Phd)

    The Enterprise Mobile Platform for Organizations to Track, Monitor, and Manage Field Assets and Related Operations in Real Time.

    - Vinodh Subramanian (16 Year Veteran in the Geographic Informations System (GIS) Industry)
    - Jeff Smith (Berkeley, 10+ Years Experience in the Geographic Informations System (GIS) Industry)

    Uses Employee Data to Schedule Interviews Faster and Cheaper for Enterprises.

    - Ahryun Moon (Freescale, Samsung, UT Austin Business)
    - Jasper Sone (Yelp, Paypal, UT Austin CS)
    - Peter Lee (Facebook, Guidebook, UC Berkeley EECS)

    An IoT Software Company that Uses the Power of Big Data and Machine Learning to Make Buildings Smart and Efficient Without Rebuilding Them.

    - Hedi Razavi (Stanford PhD, UC Berkeley, Genentech)
    - Jennifer Tsau (Stanford MS, UC Irvine, NASA-JPL, Northrop Grumman)

    Provides Sales Prospecting & Automation to Help Sales & Marketing Teams Capture Leads from Social Networks.

    - Angelo Huang (MS Comp Science - USC, Yahoo, Cofounder Peer.Im, Kelfia Interactive)
    - Mei Siauw (Wharton MBA, Oracle Product Mgmt)

    Linking Borrower Financial and Income Accounts Into Secure Financial Passports™ to Automate the Mortgage Document Hassle and Build the First True Mortgage Marketplace.

    - Orion Parrott, CEO/CTO
    - Mike Romano, VP BD

    Provides Network as a Service (Naas) for Wide Area Wireless Connectivity. Enables Non-Telco Players to Directly Reach End Consumers Bypassing Legacy Telco Providers. 10x Lower Cost of a Megabyte Over Puloli Means Internet of Things (IoT) and Video Delivery are Far More Business Viable Now

    - Kethees Ketheesan (Newfield Wireless (acq by Netscout), Telephia (acq by Nielsen), Motorola; Electrical Engineering MSc, BSc Arizona State University)
    - Kevin Koehler (Marvell Semiconductor, Soma Networks, Motorola; Electrical Engineering MS Stanford, BS Case Western)

    Helps Apps Get More Organic Downloads by Ranking Higher in the App Stores. The Proprietary Algorithm Understands what the Users are Searching for in the App Stores and Gives Automatic Suggestions to Optimize the Marketing Communication.

    - Leandro Scalise (Former CMO of an App)
    - Rodrigo Castro (Bayer; 14y as an Engineer)

    Automating People Knowledge Management for Enterprises.

    - Pooneet Goel (Stanford & Kellogg MBA; Booz & Co, Fusionops, Green Span Ventures)
    - Dale Chen (BS CS, Stanford University; Cubetree; Leandata)
  • Helps Farmers of Trees and Vines Manage Their Yield by Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

    - Cyrille Habis (Amazon, MS Robotics and AI @Stanford)
    - Abe Brody (Full Stack Engineer; BA, MBA, UCLA)
    - Prasad Nair (PhD Controls @UMass, 11 Patents in Machine Learning and Data Science)

    Helps Feed the 99% of Offices with No Fresh Food on Site. Uses RFID-Enabled Refrigerators to Offer the Most Affordable Fresh Food Solution for Workplaces.

    - Megan Mokri (Yahoo, Cornell, Haas MBA)
    - Lee Mokri (Visa)
    - Ben Purvis (Chevron, Haas MBA)
    - Adam Sah (Buyers Best Friend, Google)

    Construction Software for Drones.

    - Saurabh Ladha (Stanford/Ex-DroneDeploy/Winner, International Aerial Robotics Competition)
    - Robin Singh (University of Michigan/Lead Developer of Michigan's Autonomous Aerial Vehicles research group, Winner of International Aerial Robotics Competition)

    Building Infrastructure Software to Scale the Private Cloud.

    - Kristopher Francisco (Architect from Apple)
    - Dianhui Zhu (Big Data Architect at Chevron)

    Outcomes Focused Nutrition Program to Lower Enterprise Healthcare Cost. Employee Engagement 5x Higher than Alternatives.

    - Arun Nijhawan (FirstFuel, XPV, Physics + Math @ UofToronto)
    - Kartik Shastri (GE, ArcEnergy, MEng + BS + BA @ Cornell)

    AI Driven Account Based Sales. Uses Deep Learning Across 1B URLs and Enterprise Silos to Deliver a Holistic Account View, Deep Sales Signals, Personalized Outreach and Next Best Actions for Sales Teams.

    - Rafat Alvi (Stanford MS, Citrix, Zenprise (acq), Kno (acq), HisBlackBox (acq), eBay)
    - Mirjana Marjanovic (UC Berkeley MBA, Incyte Genomics (IPO))
    - Umair Rashid (Vocera, Citrix, Zenprise (acq), Kno (acq))
    - Ted Benakis (UserTesting, JobVite)

    Fuels Marketing Campaigns by Leveraging CRM and Marketing Automation Data into Laser-Focused Targeted Advertising, Resulting In 300% More MQLs on Average.

    - Gil Allouche (MBA)
    - Yan Manevich (University of Haifa, BS Mathematics and Computer Science)

    End-to-End Solutions that Enable Energy-Aware Mobile App Development.

    - Y. Charlie Hu (Purdue Faculty, Co-founder, iMimic Networking, Ph.D. Harvard)
    - Abhilash Jindal (Full Stack Engineer, ECE@Purdue)

    Cloud Software Service For Aggregating, Unifying and Interpreting Air Quality Data For Cities and Device OEMs.

    - Nick Masson (BS/MS ME CU Boulder)
    - Matt Stein (Ex-GE Digital, MBA Cornell, BS CEE Stanford)

    Personalizes the Customer Experience In-Store, and Help Retailers Make the Creation of Customer Loyalty Easy.

    - Øistein Sonstad (BS, Venture Cup, Innovation Norway)
    - Ingvild Sandmo (BS, Start Norway)
    - Louise Stenholm (UX/UI Designer)

    Delivers Data-Native Self-Learning Applications That Can “Sense And Learn” Which Empowers Business Users in Medium-To-Large Enterprises To Improve Business Outcomes via Continuous Deep Learning.

    - Surendra Reddy (CTO Big Data, Xerox PARC; Former VP Cloud Computing, Yahoo)

    College and University Wellness Application To Create a Culture of Health Throughout the Country.

    - Guy Shahine (Full Stack Engineer, Microsoft, Yammer, Nintendo)
    - Eugene Baah (Princeton AB, Stanford MBA; Business Design, IDEO, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Retired Professional Athlete)

    Bringing Behavior-Based, Individualized Pricing to Healthcare.

    - Anurati Mathur (Founding Data Scientist @ Propeller Health, UC Berkeley)
    - Swaraj Banerjee (Full Stack Engineering Director @ Expect Labs, EECS @ UC Berkeley)

    Collaboration Tool that Helps Teams Easily Manage Projects By Integrating the Entire Process in One Place (Gmail, Slack, Dropbox, Office 365 etc).

    - Kasper Tornoe (Technical, 8 years of building products)
    - Yana Vlatchkova (Marketer, Grew app to 750k users)
    - Stefan Vladimirov (Award-winning Product Designer)

    Fastest & Cheapest On-Demand Delivery Service For Time-Sensitive Items Using High-Speed Long-Range Drones.

    - Hannan Parvizian (Ex-Tesla, BSc. Mechanical Eng, Technical University of Munich)
    - Wesley Gyuangyuan Zheng (Ex-Atieva, PhD Chemical Engineering, Stanford)

    Deep Learning Platform for Identifying Threats on Social Media.

    - Karthik Manimaran (Architect of Bank of America's Online Platforms)
    - Nathan Chandra (Successfully Built Companies in Music and Legal Industries)

    Application-Aware Cloud Resource Management Platform That Optimizes Performance, Security, Fault Tolerance and Cost Across the Infrastructure.

    - Asim Razzaq (Sr. Dir. of Engineering for Cloud Computing at eBay and PayPal)
    - Abbas Yousafzai (CTO / Chief Cloud Architect at Conrad Labs)
    - Michael Babiak (NeoEdge Networks, (AOL), HDL -Capital, IBM)
  • Connected Insurance Client Platform. Insurers Can Connect With Clients Through Iot Consumer Devices, Improving The Risk Prediction Capability And Building Communication Channels.

    CEO - Gorjan Agacevic (Studio Revolucija, Volvo Car Corporation); Marijan Mumdziev (Nokia, Siemens)

    Smart Authentication And Fraud Detection Leveraging Context And Behavioral Biometrics

    Anand Desai (ex Chief Security Architect Visa, PhD CS UCSD), Kumar Viswanath (ex Research Director NTT, PhD CE UCSC)

    Eliminating Security Problems Every Company Has With Unikernel Based Infrastructure.

    Ian Eyberg (Appthority Sr. Engineer, wrote code obfuscation sold to federal gov't & poker parsing grammars)

    Makes it easy and cheap to send, spend, pay and get money in multiple currencies.

    John Biggs - CEO (Carnegie Mellon; NYU; Former Editer TechCrunch); Richard Svinkin - COO (Carnegie Mellon; Merck, Kodak, HP); Paul Goudas - CTO (Bell Atlantic/Verizon)

    Transforms Passive, Stale Cameras Into Smart, Connected Objects.

    Fahd Gilani (CTO, firmware co-author of Atmel's initial USB OTG Products, PayPal Shining Star Award winner) and Sayed Fayyaz Hussain (CEO, Founded (Acq by Mentor Graphics))

    Makes Sure Companies Never Lose Sight Of Their Cargo.

    Richard (Cantab MPhil Manufacturing, Morgan Stanley), Anthony (co-founded ALPrint [MIT GFSA Alum], Cantab MPhil Manufacturing)

    Peak Performance For Your Big Data Apps.

    Sid Shaik (Yahoo! Director of PM for Hadoop, Qubole, AsterData / Teradata, Oracle, Gehraa), Ismail Dalgic (Stanford PhD EE, Datrium Sr Director Engineering)

    Employee Lifecycle Analytics As A Service.

    Oliver Staehelin (Stanford GSB, ran recruiting program @Fortune 500 company), Catherine Spence (Stanford GSB, product manager @BlackRock --> Sold to HR teams)

    From Questions To Insights In Seconds. Cognitive Data Integration Platform Combined With NLP Based Analytics On Enterprise Data.

    Ganesh Raghupathy (CEO, founded Alphaworkz, ex-CEO of November Learning); Kannan Raghavan (CIO, Gold medallist at IIT-Madras, MIT Sloan school of business)

    Merchandising Made Easy.

    Michael Krilivsky: Co-founder & CEO, generated $10MM+ revenue in previous startups * Faisal Nasim: Co-founder & CTO, Pinterest - Microsoft * Mat Poprocki: Creative Director, Quirky - Mophie - Pepsi - Volkswagen - Target * Brian Furano: Head of Partnerships, Live Nation - Global Merchandising - Beyonce - KISS - Kanye West * Leighton Smith: CFO, Manages $2b+ revenue for Oracle

    Data Science powers the missing link in Relationship Management for Enterprise Sales.

    Babar Batla (Microsoft & Google, Director Enterprise Sales, EE, UCLA MBA), Paul Hester (Microsoft Services, Principal).

    Framework For Future Enterprises To Build Their Own Fully-Customized Communication, Management And BI Application In Days. Looking To Change The Way Enterprise Software Is Developed With 90% Lower Cost And Consumer Mobile App User Experience, Without Need For IT Pros Or Consultants.

    Hai Hu (PhD); Changhai Jiang (PhD, Accenture)

    Enterprise Operations Platform For Portfolios Of Buildings. Connects Systems And Devices To Cloud Hosted Building Management System For Real-Time Monitoring And Controls.

    Deborah Noller (James Cook University B. Commerce with major in Computer Science); John Darlington - CTO.

    Smart Customer Service Through A Code-Free Platform To Visually Route Customers To Different Support Channels On Mobile.

    Khaled Nazif (Stanford GSB; Cisco), Antoine Megalla & Mo. ElHagry (15 years of delivering Contact Center solutions together)
  • Data Science to Solve The Most Complex Problems in Shipping & Logistics

    Adam Compain (Stanford MBA; Ex-Google), Will Harvey (Stanford MS&E, Stanford CS), Diego Canales (Stanford MS&E, Stanford CS)

    Enables The Delivery Of Highly Interactive Digital Media And Applications — Cloud-Delivered Streaming Games, Augmented And Virtual Reality, Interactive IPTV — From The Cloud.

    (1) Madhu Sharma - IIT Bombay, UIUC, MIT; Chips and Systems Architect, XBOX Advanced Projects; Leading Architect for Supercomputer-class systems, Networking and Data Center gear; 20+ patents (2) Raj Yavatkar - IIT Bombay, Purdue; Noted architect, though leader, and product builder in Internet, Cloud and DC Infrastructure, Virtualization, and other spaces. Intel, VMWare Fellow. 30+ patents, 60+ papers.

    C2B Data Marketplace That Allows Companies To Source Any Personal Online Data Possible Based Upon Expressive Personal Consumer Consent.

    Serafin Lion Engel (RSA Fellow, 3x Founder, DU Scholar), Jeff Lee (Hackathon Veteran, E.G. Dreamforce 5th Place, Topcoder 2nd Place, Techcrunch Disrupt 1st Place)

    Easy-To-Use Collaboration Tool For Mid-Market Companies For Running Rfps And Managing Supplier Interactions. We Have A Strong Procurement Background With 30+ Years Of Experience.

    Erkki Brakmann (CEO, MBA In Telecommunications From Tallinntech, 7 Years In Procurement), Rain Opik (CTO, Ph.D From Tallinntech In Computer Science, Built ERP And Business Analytics), Andres Kuuse (Head Of Marketing, MBA In Mathematics, 4 Years In Procurement).

    Saas For Pharmaceutical/Biotech Scientists To Accelerate Drug Development-To-Submission.

    Sun Kim (Stanford; Bayer, Abbott, Siemens), Bobby Mcdonald (CTA)

    Builds Embedded Visual Intelligence Systems For Object Identification And Anamoly Detection In Dynamic Environments Currently Deployed In The Industrial Automation And Retail Spaces.

    Pradeep V Pydah (MS, USC Los Angeles; TI, Intel, Cypress Semi), Mukunda Haveri (BS, 20+ Yrs Exp In Communications And Signal Processing; Centillium); Surya Prakash Kompali (Ph.D, New York State; Microsoft, HP Labs)

    Pharmaceutical Data Analytics And Digital Marketing Provider For Emerging Markets Starting In Africa.

    Gregory Rockson (PPIA Fellow, Princeton University), James Finucane (BS Math, CS), Daniel Shoukimas (BS CS And Visual Design)

    Your Own App Marketplace In Minutes. The Only Turnkey Solution That Allows Companies To Create Their Own App Marketplace For Partners And Developers, Providing A 10x Reduction In Total Cost Of Ownership And 90% Decrease In Time To Market.

    Brian Amaro (Citibank, Alpha Exchange (Acq. $180M)); Michael Kovacs (Raymond James, Universal Music)

    Putting Antimatter To Work.

    Bala Ramamurthy (Spacex, NASA), Dr. Ryan Weed (Australian National University, Trained Air Force Pilot, Columbia University), Dr. Josh Machacek (Expert Experimental Physicist, Australian National University, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, JPL)

    General-Purpose, Commercial Quantum Supercomputing Systems.

    Chad Rigetti (Yale, Phd; IBM)

    Scheduling Infrastructure Built For Developers. An API That Developers Can Use To Build Products With Calendars, Scheduling, And Appointment Flows Deeply Integrated.

    Jesper Klingenberg (M.Sc. Econ & Business Adm, Copenhagen Business School) And Visti Kløft (M.Sc. Software Engineering, IT University Of Copenhagen)

    Turns Customer Feedback Into Revenue By Distilling User-Specific Insights For Better Decision Making.

    Andres Vergara (CEO; Stanford GSB, MS Engineering), Juan Jose Besa (CTO; MS Engineering), Alejandro Feuereisen (COO; BA Business).

    SDN/SAAS Player Taking A Fundamentally Different Approach To Solving Mobile Network Unreliabilty Caused By Factors Such As Network Congestion, Data Packet Loss, Etc.

    Subbu Varadarajan (MS CS, SIE; Stanford GSB), Sameer Rao (Trilogy Software, GE, And American Express), Roy (IIT Graduate, Built Large-Scales Systems Managing Petabytes Of Data).
  • Team of Top Tier Scientists and Engineers Building the Fastest Way to Discover New Materials.

    Timur Bazhirov (Physics PhD @ UC Berkeley)

    Bringing eCommerce To Every Content Site/App.

    · Tadas Deksnys (KTU, Computer Science)
    · Justin Taruska (KTU, Engineering of Control systems)

    Highly Versatile Robotics Platform Providing Solutions in Manufacturing and Materials Handling.

    End-to-End IoT Cloud PaaS for Connecting Devices, Sensors or Smart Machines to Enterprise Applications like ERP, CRM or Bigdata.

    · Vatsal Shah (Rockwell Automation, MS Entrepreneurship, BTech Industrial Eng.)
    · Isha Sheth (Linde Germany, Motorolla, MBA, BTech Industrial Eng)
    · Sacha Sawaya (MSc Finance, BComm)
    · John Younes (MS Entrepreneurship, Bcomm)

    Decision Software for Streaming Data.

    · Dan ONeill (Assoc. Prof. Stanford, Sr. Dir. Oracle, GM TI, PhD Stanford, MBA UCB)
    · Sachin Adlakha (Data Scientist, Ayasdi, PhD)
    · Peter Pham (Ayasdi)

    Elasticsearch as a Service, the Hugely Popular Open Source NoSQL Database.

    · Mark Brandon (Oracle, Dell)
    · Ben Hundley (Country Outfitter, Rockfish Interactive)
    · Christian O'Brien (Dell)

    Bringing Quantum Computing Power to the Enterprise. We are Developing Application Software that Runs on QC Machines.

    · Matt Johnson (Ex MD @ Apollo - MBA, Wharton)
    · Tayo Oguntebi (Ex Intel, Nvidia - PhD, Stanford)
    · Randy Correll (Ex - USAF, NASA, SAIC - PhD, UT-Austin)
    · Kin-Joe Sham (Serial Entrepreneur - PhD & MBA,UMN; MEng, MIT)

    Industry’s First Vertical-Agnostic Operations Monitoring Solution that Reduces Operation Costs and Improves Reliability and Security of the Internet of Things.

    · Dr. Vinai Sundaram (Purdue PhD ECE, Google, Motorola)
    · Dr. Matthew Tan Creti (Purdue PhD ECE, Rockwell, Raytheon)
    · Prof. Patrick Eugster (EPFL PhD CS, Purdue Faculty & MIT Visiting Faculty)
    · Mike Rich (Kelly (IU) MBA, Roche Diagnostics)

    Enabling Mist Computing for IoT – Eliminating Configuration and Deployment Overheads, While Providing a Distributed Embedded Application Platform for IoT.

    Jurgo Preden (PhD, Faculty, Tallin University of Technology)
  • Virtual Databases

    Building Products to Simplify Enterprise Cloud Adoption.

    Marketplace for Planned Healthcare Procedures.

    Device-Centric Classroom Management and Content Distriubtion Platform for the Education Vertical.

    Crowd-Powered Security Audits and Bug Bounty Programs

    Modern Product Managment Platform to Manage and Optimize Software.

    Marketing Automation Platform Pioneering User-Level Personalization, Solving the Problem of Churn in Mobile Apps.

    Next-Gen Payments Platform for Online and Retail.

    Mobile Video Platform for CRM that’s 11x More Effective Than Traditional Outreach.

    Synthetic Biology Platform to Generate “Designer Molecules.”

    The Ultimate Control Hub for Companies to Access, Manage and Automate Data Across Existing Productivity, CRM and Billing Applications.

    The Blue Collar Web.

    SaaS Solution that Drives Sales for National Retailers by Improving the Actionable Communication Between HQ and the Stores.

  • Next-Generation Cloud Wireless Network Operations for 4G LTE Networks.

    Changing the Way Employees Learn & Improve At Work.

    Web-Based Collaboration Platform that Consolidates Multiple Tools in One Place.

    Quantified Sales. Groove Enables Companies to Collect Relationship Data and Use it to Improve Every Customer Interaction.

    Internet-of-Things Company Focused on Home Automation (Nest for Irrigation).

    “Shazam for Text and Products.” We’ve Created the First End-to-End Neural Network for Text Recognition on Mobile, Google Glass, and More.

    Price Optimization-as-a-Service Leveraging State of the Art Machine Learning.

    Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Legal Claim Valuation.

    Unified Search Across Cloud-Apps.

  • First to Market – 3D Printing Cloud platform with Copyright Encryption and Centralized Command and Control.

    Mobile Service that Helps Sales People Fit More Meetings into their Day While Increasing the Flow of Data Back into their Company’s CRM System.

    Cloud-based Software for WiFi Routers that Make Connected Home Technology Seamless and Invisible.

    Building the Event Layer for the Web. Our Tools and APIs Enable Brands and Organizations to Send Events to Any Calendar.

    UAV Networks for the Transportation of Goods.

    An Android-Based Mobile Advertising Middleware Platform that Allows Mobile Operators & Handset OEMs to Offer Ad-Subsidized Telecom Services.

    A Scalable Platform for Influencer Marketing Connecting Brands Directly with Influencers.

    The First Mobile IT Asset Management Solution that Helps Companies Better Track IT Data on Them.

    Mobile Platform that Drives Incremental Sales for Brick & Mortar Retailers.

    Custom mechanical part sourcing. Simplified

    Offers an End-to-End Mobile App Platform for the IOIT (Internet of Industrial Things).

  • Brings Seamless Access to Desktop Apps from the Web, Mobile or Tablet Devices, and Integrates with Cloud File Storage Systems.

    • Acquired by OTOY, 2013

    Real-time Collaboration with Extremely Simple, One-Click Tools:, and

    • Acquired by Cisco, 2014

    Public Cloud Data Security Monitoring, Analytics and Risk Remediation for Fortune 5000 Enterprises.

    • Acquired by Palo Alto Networks, 2015

    Continuous Integration and Deployment Platform Built on Docker.

    Actionable Insights To Reduce Customer Churn In The Subscription Economy.

    • Acquired by Zuora, 2015

    App Marketing Platform With ROI Analysis And Integrated Big-Data Analysis For Automated Decision Making.

    Simulation Testing And Predictive Analytics PaaS For Early Stage Medical And Chemical Research.

    Enterprise Messenger For Your Team And Your Customers.

    Painless, Premium Ad Platform For Publishers.

    Solve Customer’s Need For Real-Time Analytics (FAST BIG DATA) By Moving Their Current Batch Processing To Real-Time Online Processing.

    Patient-frendly Tool That Helps Clinicians Better Manage Their Chronically Ill Patients.

    The Only Mobile Reporting App That Allows You To *Create* New Reports On Your Mobile Device.

  • Cloud Security Management

    • Acquired by Box, 2015

    “Splunk for CMOs” – Revenue Insights Across Marketing & CRM Data.

    A Tool to Discover Opportunities in Your Connections, Both Personal and Professional.

    Developing a Cross-Platform Modeling Tool for 3D Printing.

    3D Touch Technology for Next-Generation User Interfaces.

    Mobile CRM for Luxury Retailers in China.

    Motivates buying decisions in real time by leveraging the power and potential of beacon and mobile technology to deliver precise marketing messages in convenience store environments.

    World’s First Enterprise Cloud Search Engine.

  • Creating Group Relationship Management (GRM) to Help Enterprises Manage Large External Networks of People.

    Mobile for Healthcare.

    GPS-Based Mobile Security Application, Helping Individuals, Institutions and Governments Prevent Crime and Ensure Persistent Safety.

    Gamification Platform for Call Centers. Learning, Coaching and Performance Platform Designed to Manage and Motivate People at Call Centers.

    Mobile Contact Management Solution

    Hardware and Cloud Software Solution to Disrupt the Global $100B/yr Coffee Market and Create a New Consumer Coffee Drinking Experience Where Every Cup of Coffee is Personalized to Every Consumer.

    Machine Intelligence Solutions for Big Data Enterprise.

  • Flight Data Recorder Technology that Captures the Entire Execution of JVM and Replaces the Need for Traditional Log Files.

    Learning Management System Focused First on the End-User.

    Consumer Marketing Automation.

    Mobile Customer Engagement Platform that Enables Businesses to Acquire and Engage Customers by Leveraging Apple’s Passbook and Other Upcoming Mobile Wallets.

    Connecting Food Producers and Suppliers with Buyers.

    Stanford-based Sensor Technology Company that Aims to Bring Infrared Vision to the Mass Market.

    Jae-Hyung Lee (Stanford PhD EE), Yeul Na (Stanford PhD EE), Rebecca Hinds (Stanford, MS Mgmt Science).

    Enterprise-Ready Mobile Work Platform Connecting Familiar Tools Like Email With Relevant Data and Processes in Your Business.

    Payors Subscribe Members for Personalized Meal Plans, Savings on Healthy Groceries and Rewards for Buying ‘GO’ Foods.

  • Provides the In-Motion™ platform, IMBOT™ In-vehicle AI powered solution and applications to enable Mobility-as-a-Service focused on fleet management, shared mobility and collaborative intelligence.

    DNA Laser Printer for Genome (Life) Synthesis.

    Advocacy Empowerment Platform for B2B Service Providers.

    Platform to Choose the Best People for Your Jobs.

    Drop-In BYO Platform for Enterprises.

    • Acquired by Dropbox, 2014

    Mobile Service Helping Salespeople with their Primary Activity – Sales Meetings.

    • Acquired by Veeva Systems, 2015

    Next Gen Enterprise Task Management.

    Social Selling Platform – Find & Close Sales Deals Faster via Social Networks.

    Software-Defined Infrastructure Platform for Heterogenous Computing.

The Accelerator Dedicated to Enterprise Startups