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  • Next Program Start Date: November 30

A World-Class Accelerator Focused on Enterprise IoT Ventures

If you’re a team interested in attacking the challenges of building a more precise planet using IoT technology consider applying for a place in the Alchemist Accelerator.  We’re interested in companies that are taking both a vertical, as well as a horizontal approach.  If you’re interested in building smarter things, whether that’s a next generation healthcare machine or the software to power things, we’re interested. If you’re in to next generation connection technology that makes it cheaper, better or faster to connect things, then join Alchemist.  Today most software has been built for the Internet of People.  But People are not Things, so why should software built for the Internet of People work for the Internet of Things.  If you’ve got ideas to build new data collection software maybe your company could be the next Oracle.  Once you have Terabytes of data from thousands of machines you could have the solution on how to analyze that data in new and innovative ways.

While there are many ways new companies will be created to connect, collect and learn from industrial things, there are also opportunities to create vertical companies focused on specific industries.  You might have ideas in agriculture, power, construction, oil, gas, transportation or healthcare. Blending technology and domain experience is always an opportunity to add value and we welcome teams who think they have a game changing way to attack the market.

Funds that have Invested in Our Companies

Highest Caliber Mentors and Networks

  • Alex Bessonov

    LG Electronics, Chief Security Officer


  • Abhishek Shukla

    GE Ventures, Managing Director

    Industrial IoT

  • Aymerik Renard

    SanDisk Ventures, Investment Director

    Corporate Venture

  • Doug Davis

    Intel Corp., SVP, IoT Group


  • Jay Onda

    Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory, Silicon Valley, Director of Strategic Investments

    Strategic Investments

  • Joel Wishkovsky

    Intel, GM IoT; General Electric, CSO


  • Ludovic Copere

    Sony, Senior Manager, Growth Ventures & Innovation


  • Michael Dolbec

    GE Digital, Managing Director

    Venture Capital and M&A

  • Maciej Kranz

    Cisco, VP, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group


  • Roee Peled

    Flextronics, Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships


  • Timothy Chou

    Oracle-on-Demand, ex-CEO; Stanford Faculty

    Alchemist IoT Chair

  • Tony Shakib

    Microsoft, General Manager, IoT


Alumni Mentors Joining Alchemist is Joining a Network of Enterprise Leaders

  • Arthur Lozinski

    Oomnitza, Co-Founder and CEO; SAP

  • Deborah Noller

    Switch Automation, Co-Founder and CEO

  • Sundar Krish

    Waygum, Founder and CEO; Cisco, Senior Software Architect

  • Vatsal Shah

    Litmus Automation, Co-Founder and CEO; Rockwell Automation

Past Speakers

  • Maciej Kranz

    Cisco Systems, VP, Strategic Innovations

  • Marcus Gosling, Principal Design Architect - UX; IDEO

  • Mike Kaul

    Ericsson, Vice President, IoT Software Solutions; Sentilla, Founder & CEO

  • Muddu Sudhakar

    Splunk, VP & GM; Caspida, CEO

  • Scott Nelson

    Reuleaux Technology, LLC., Founder; Logic PD, Inc., CTO and Executive VP

  • Seth Page

    UniKey, COO and Corporate Development; Serial Entrepreneur

  • Stephanie Walker

    Fusion-io, VP Business Development

  • Steven Kan

    Google Inc., Head of Global Android, Chrome & VR New Business Development

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